Where’d Ya Get That?

Here’s a source list for items in our house.  If you have questions about anything, just ask!

Living Room:

Paint: Wicker Chair by Olympic and Behr’s Vermont Cream color matched in Wal-Mart’s Colorplace brand    Rug: Flor  Sofa: HOM Furniture    Chairs: Dolce Lounge Chair from Target    End Tables: Dror by Target    Lamps:  TJ Maxx    Curtains:  Target    Throw Blanket:  TJ Maxx    Pillow Covers: Hand Sewn Fabric from Joann    Bird Candleholder:  Target    Picture Frames:  Wal-Mart, Target, Michael’s    Artwork:  Custom made by me    Front Door:  Home Depot    Floors:  Original Red Oak Hardwood

Living Room Other Side:

Rocking Chair:  Lay-Z-Boy (is now in the basement)    Desk:  Repainted hand-me-down    Desk Chair:  Target    Black Picture Frame:  Target    Large Frame:  Target 

Chair:  Hom Furniture     Mirror:  Garage Sale-only $5.00!    Candle Sconces:  Linens N Things    Pillow:  I made it.  Here’s how.

Entertainment Center:

Entertainment Center:  Custom Built by Ben    Door Hardware:  Home Depot Modern Bar    TV:  32″ Vizio from Costco    Silver Picture Frames:  TJ Maxx    B Monogram:  Target    Candle Holders:  Target    Clock:  Restoration Hardware on Ebay    Tall Blue Vase:  Crate and Barrel  Short Blue Vase:  TJ Maxx    Wooden Sculpture:  Target    Magazine Files:  IKEA painted Green    Books:  Used, Barnes and Noble    Print:  Made by Me    Hour Glass:  CB2

Dining Room:


Paint:  Mistinted version of Restoration Hardware’s Silver Sage (The paint is from Wal Mart and they used the light base. The formula for one gallon is B-37, E-39.5, and T-37.  This is the color used in our basement, too. It can look more green in some light) and Behr’s Vermont Cream-both color matched at Wal-Mart    Dining Table:  DIY Table    Chairs:  World Market    Rug:  Flor    Curtains:  Hand Sewn from Fabric From Hancock Fabrics    Fruit Bowl:  Thrift Store    Plates:  Linens N Things and Target    Candle Sticks:  Target    Light Fixture:  CB2   Curtain Rod:  Wal-Mart    Floors:  Original Red Oak Hardwood

Guest Bedroom:

Paint:  Restoration Hardware’s Sea Green, color matched to Behr and Behr’s Vermont Cream    Headboard:  Free from an apartment tenant    Floral Bedding:  Ross    Sheets:  Linens N Things    Blue King Pillows:  TJ Maxx    Striped Pillow:  Hand Sewn from Fabric from Joann    Picture Frame:  From my Great Grandma    Photo:  Forsyth Park Fountain taken on our Honeymoon in Savannah, GA    White Nightstand:  Built by Ben    Lamp:  Target    Clock:  World Market    Candle Sconces:  Bed, Bath and Beyond    Curtains:  Wal-Mart    Curtain Rod:  Target    Apothecary Jar of Shells:  Michael’s     Pendant:  DIY with coffee filters  

Guest Bedroom Other Side:

Mirror:  Found in the Trash-from Target    Bedside Carafe:  Two Glasses from World Market    Shell:  Target    Artwork in the Hall:  Family Tree made by Me

Main Bathroom:

Paint:  Behr’s Vermont Cream and Restoration Hardware’s Lilac    Vanity:  Built by Ben out of Maple    Drawer Pulls:  Home Depot    Countertop:  Giallo San Francsico Granite Remnant    Vessel Sink and Faucet:  E bay    Mirror:  Reused from Remodel    Light Fixtures:  Home Depot    Picture, Frame and Mat:   Michael’s    Glass Box:  World Market    Soap Pump:  Target    Lotion:  Bath and Body Works    Candles and Jars:  Target  Purple Towels:  Target    White Towels:  Linens N Things   

Main Bathroom Shower:

White and Grey Marble Tile (also on floors):  Home Depot    Faucet:  Delta at Home Depot    Shower Curtain:  Target    Towel Bar and Toilet Paper Holder:  Home Depot

Master Bedroom:


Paint:  Restoration Hardware’s Bay Laurel and Behr’s Vermont Cream   Bed:  Custom Built by Ben    Coverlet:  IKEA    Pillow Shams:  Linens N Things    Throw Pillow:  Hand Embroidered by Me    Nightstand:  IKEA    Lamps:  Home Depot    Clock:  World Market    Pictures:  E Bay    Picture Frames:  Michael’s    Curtains:  Wal-Mart    Curtain Rods:  Wal-Mart   

Master Bedroom Other Side:


Mirror:  Michael’s    Upholstered Bench:  HOM Furniture

Master Bathroom:

Paint:  Behr’s Vermont Cream and Restoration Hardware’s Bay Laurel    Curtains:  Wal-Mart    Floors:  Absolute Black and White Marble from Home Depot    Toilet:  Kohler Highline from Home Depot    Vanity:  Built by Ben    Countertop:  Galaxy Black Remnant Ben Finished    Shower Curtain:  Target   Towels:  Target    Towel Bar and Toilet Paper Holder:  Home Depot    Clock:  Gift 

Boy’s Bedroom:

Paint:  Ralph Lauren’s Riesling and Behr’s Vermont Cream    Crib:  Garage Sale    Dresser:  Hand Me Down    Curtains:  Wal Mart    Curtain Rods:  Home Depot    Crib Blanket:  Crocheted by Me    Sheets:  Target    Crib Skirt:  Target    Rocking Chair:  Family chair    Storage Bin:  Tuesday Mornings    Mobile:  Made by Me    Owl:  Made by Me    Silhouette:  Made by Me    E and V:  Hobby Lobby    Pillows:  Made by Me

 Bed:  Hand Me Down Painted Red    Bedding:  Target    Stuffed Animals:  Kohl’s     Pillows:  Hand sewn by me      Footprint Art:  Inked Feet of my Boys    Artwork:  Canvas Painted by Me    Bookshelf:  Hand Me Down   


Paint:  Benjamin Moore’s Raisin and Behr’s Vermont Cream    Cabinets and Shelving:  Custom Built by Ben    Countertops:  Brazilian Cherry and Carrera Marble    Desk Chair:  IKEA   Desk Lamp:  Target    Storage Boxes and Magazine Files:  IKEA    Curtains:  Hand Sewn from Fabric from Hancock Fabrics    White Marble Vases:  Restoration Hardware    Small Blue Vase:  Target    Little Bird:  Felt Pincushion from Etsy    Picture Frames on Shelves:  Target    Map Frame:  Michael’s    Map:  Art.com    Light Fixture:  Home Depot    Magnetic Tins:  IKEA   

Office Bookshelves: 


Chair:  Target    Accent Table:  Target    Picture Frame on Table:  Target   White Vase:  Target (was a reed diffuser)    Storage Boxes:  IKEA    Brown Frames:  Hobby Lobby   Art in Brown Frames:  My modern portraits   Drawing Figure:  IKEA    Rose Candle Holders:  Michael’s, Big Lots and Ross    Bird Art:  Custom Painted by Me    Orange Clock:  Hobby Lobby    Wire Buildings:  Target    Butterfly Artwork:  Custom Made by Me    Globes:  Garage Sales and Target    Vacation Jars:  Hobby Lobby filled with vacation items    Books:  Barnes and Noble, Thrift Stores and Garage Sales

33 thoughts on “Where’d Ya Get That?

  1. Love your site!! I was wondering about your couch in the basement! I’m looking for the chaise/sectional for our living room and love the look of yours. Thanks in advance!!

    1. Hi Jen,

      Thanks for the kind words! The couch in the basement is from Costco! We were there the other day and they had the same style in a slightly darker fabric. This was the only sectional we could agree on (I usually HATE the look of sectionals)


  2. Can you tell me where you got the front door? Working on my son’s bungalow and that is the exact door he needs but cannot find it. HELP!

    1. Hi Kay,

      Our front door was from Home Depot. We picked it up about a year ago, so they might have it.


  3. Just wanted to tell you what an absolutely BEAUTIFUL home you have! I’m in love with all the built ins that you have and your color choices all work so well together! I’m planning on copying your gorgeous homesewn curtain from your office for our still a bun in the oven baby’s room. You have such a great sense of design and I’m truly inspired!!! ❤

    1. Hi Angela!

      Thank you so much for your sweet comments! We’re blushing over here! I highly recommend making the same type of curtains- so easy! Just sewa square or rectangle of your fabric. Then cut your ribbon and fold it in half over your fabric, place where you’d like and sew over your previous line. Then, just tie bows! Much easier than a roman shade. I’d love to see the finished curtain.


  4. Okay…since I’m new here. How do you have such detail in a house from the 60’s? Did you put all the paneling type things on the bottom of your walls and frame out the windows etc? I love it! Our house is from the 60’s and it’s such an adjustment coming from a 1920’s house. I love our house but miss SO MUCH all that old character and detail. Did you do it all or do you think it was that way? Thanks!

  5. Hi Amanda,

    First off, your house is beautiful!!!! Second…..Can you tell me what materials your husband used for the shelves? We have a similar project and are not sure where to begin. We also will be painting the shelves when they are finished. Did you attach the finished product to the studs in the wall?


    1. Hi Amy,

      Thank you so much! Ben used MDF for all the trim and most shelving. If you have a long span, MDF is not the best option. As long as you have a short distance and good support, MDF is great. It paints really well, too. And yes, we did secure the supports to studs, the attached the shelves to the supports.

      Hope it helps!

  6. Hi,

    I just came across your blog and love it! What type of flooring did you use in your office? Is it laminate or tile or vinyl or something else altogether? I am researching different types of flooring for our soon-to-be office, but it will be in the basement, so I need to be careful in case we get water down there!

    Also, if you don’t mind me asking, about how much did it cost to custom make those bookshelves in the office? And the desk area? My father in law is quite handy and could do something similar I think, but we’ve never used MDF to build stuff, just wood which can get rather pricey.

    Thanks so much! Your house looks great! Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Val,

      The flooring in our basement is a true bodied (the same color all the way thtough) ceramic tile. The large tiles are 20 inches square and the small are 6 inches square set in a pinwheel pattern with 3/16 inch grout lines. We chose tile because we were concerned about water issues and we love it.

      The bookshelves weren’t too expensive; I think the whole wall was less than $100 in materials. Of course we didn’t have to pay for labor because Ben built and installed everything. Usually 3/4 inch MDF is between $20-$25 per 4 foot by 8 foot sheet. MDF is a great alternative to real wood, especially if you plan to paint anyway. Just be careful to supprt it as it’s not quite as rigid as real wood. Hope that helps!


  7. Wow! Thank you so much for listing everything! It bugs me on other blogs when ladies show off their items and won’t tell you where they get them – I appreciate you telling us… 😉 Your house is beautiful and simple, now I feel like shopping! If only I could find your cute chandelier lamp from Target… May I ask if you bought it online or in-store? I can’t find it.

    Thanks! I look forward to more posts!

    1. Hi Karin,

      I’m glad you find it helpful! I bought that lamp about five years ago in store. I will do some research to see if I can find anything similar.


    1. Hi Kristy,

      The color is actually a mistinted version of what I wanted. It was supposed to be Restoration Hardware’s Silver Sage, but it got messed up in the process. The paint is from Wal Mart and they used the light base. The formula for one gallon is B-37, E-39.5, and T-37. Hope it helps. This is the color used in both our dining room and basement. It can look more green in some light.

      Hope it helps!


  8. Hey Amanda — Love, love, love what you’ve done with your ranch. I didn’t see it on your resource page, but where did you get the chevron rug in your kids’ room? Thanks!

  9. Ummmm… so awesome! I’ll be back to your site for sure. Keep up the great work — you and your hubby are a DIY inspiration!

  10. Love your blog! What a transformation!!! I have a question for you…. Where did you find the chevron patterned brown and white rug? Love it. I’ve been looking for one that’s similar. Thanks!

  11. I adore your paint colors! We are closing on our first place next week and I am lusting for your living room. How did you feel about the Wal-mart vs. Behr paint colors? I’ve seen so many blogs pumping up Benjamin Moore over store brands and we had a hard time painting with Behr in our current place. Did you see a big difference using Restoration colors?

    1. Hi Nora,

      Congratulations on your new home!! As for paint colors, I like how cheap Wal Mart’s Colorplace paint is. In lower traffic areas or higher up areas, I think their paint is fine. However, I hate that we used it for our white trim. It’s fine with a magic eraser, but it gets a little beat up. I like the durability of Behr, but I thought the consistency was really thick and difficult to apply. I haven’t used Behr two in one, but I have heard good things about it. I’ve never used Ben Moore because I’m way too cheap to spend money on paint when I change my mind so often. Same goes for RH colors. All of our colors are color matched to the RH swatches, using Wal Mart or Behr paint. We really like Glidden for durability, quality and ease of application.

      Hope it helps!

    1. Hi Summer,

      The basement paint is from Wal Mart, but it wasn’t one of their colors. It’s actually a mistinted version of Restoration Hardware’s Silver Sage. They used the light base. The formula for one gallon is B-37, E-39.5, and T-37. Hope it helps!


  12. LOVE your home! I tried looking for Olympic Wicker Chair, and can’t find it. Any chance you still have a can and can give the formula? Thanks!

    1. Hi Rachel,

      I’ll see if we still have the can. If we do, I’ll share the formula. 🙂


      1. Did you ever find out that the the equivalent for Wicker chair is? i LOVE it and have been looking for a living room color just like that.

    2. Hey Rachel!

      Thanks so much! Unfortunately, we don’t still have the can to share the formula. But, I’m pretty sure Olympic’s Rattan, Bread Basket, and Chicory are similar. Of the three, I think Rattan is the closest. Hope that helps!


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