Friday Gimme a Giveaway!

*This giveaway is no longer accepting entries, Thank You!*

I am so happy to be featured on YHL that I’ve decided to give three lucky people one 8 inch by 10 inch print from my shop, Our Humble A{Bowe}d.  I have attached some photos of some of the print options.

Carved Initials:

Bird Family:

I Love You This Much:

Love Math:

Love Tree:

Want a chance to win?  Here’s how it works:

To Enter:  Comment on this post to tell which print you prefer and the colors you’d like.

Bonus:  Blog, Twitter or Facebook with the giveaway link.  Then, leave another comment including your blog post, Tweet or Facebook link.

Contest Closes:  Wednesday, August 11, 2010 at 9:00 pm, central time.

Number of Winners:  Three!

Ships:  Anywhere in the US of A.

Other Info:  The winner can customize their print with colors, text such as names, family names, dates, and initials, and quantity of birds in the Bird Family print.  Only one entry per e-mail address.  The winner will be selected using and announced on Thursday, August 12th.  Good luck!!

If you’re interested in invitations or stationery, visit our sister shop, Customized Stationary.  Check us out on Facebook, too!

109 thoughts on “Friday Gimme a Giveaway!

  1. Man, I’ve got my fingers crossed that I win this time!

    I’m in love with your Bird Family print. I’d want it in that dark turquoise you have and a bright red.

  2. Just stumbled over here from YHL to check out your table and now there’s a giveaway! Even better 🙂 I love the carved initials print…probably in a blue color so it’d match in our bedroom
    Love love love everything you’ve done with your house by the way, I just spent about 45 minutes looking around your blog

    1. Hi Jessica,

      I’m so glad you found us-thanks for your kind words and support! I love giveaways, too! I try to do them often, so keep checking…


  3. How can I pick just one favorite?? I can’t decide between Carved Initials and Bird Family and I just adore Love Tree. So Love Tree it is! I also like the colors shown best. Thanks for having this fantastic giveaway! I believe your blog is going to be a new favorite.

    1. Hi Alexandrea,

      I’m so glad you like the giveaway! Who doesn’t like free stuff, especially if it’s cute?! Keep reading and keep an eye out for future giveaways!


  4. I like the carved initials – I’d love it in a blue/brown color scheme – dark, light and anything in between! I’d want 4 birds flying though (if that’s possible) as we have 4 kids! So cute – glad I found your blog!

  5. Love your home! We just bought a 1950s ranch a year ago and have been working on it a ton. I actually LOVE your front door! Where did you get it? Oh, and for the giveaway I would love a carved initials print in a teal-ish and lime green color scheme to match my guest bedroom.

  6. I love that bird print! Especially after the recent arrival of my second little one… It does feel like our “nest” is complete. Love the prints – and have really enjoyed your blog…

  7. Hi Julia Harts the Man,

    Thanks so much for the kind words! Our front door is from Home Depot. We got it last August, so they should have it or something similar. You do need to paint it, FYI.


  8. I’ve been looking for a good lovey-dovey print for our bedroom. I’m going to head over to your shop now and cross my fingers that I win 🙂

  9. Hi there…absolutely love your blog and check it every day when I can…I love the dining room makeover you did…that table is just too FAB! 🙂 I love your Birds nest print…probably in a brown and gold and green with just two birdies – no chickies as of yet!

  10. I love the bird family print and the colors too! Just found you through YHL. Wow! Your house has undergone such a transformation. It is truly beautiful and there are too many things I love to list them all.

  11. I really like the “Love” tree print just as it is. I’d like to put it in our (due any day now) baby’s nursery! So cute!

  12. I just came over here from YHL – I’m totally impressed with that table. Wow! Your house looks great too. This is such a fun giveaway – I am totally in love with the Carved Initails print. I wish I knew of you sooner – it would have been the perfect anniversary gift for my hubby this weekend. I have my fingers crossed that I win it though 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. My coworker shared your blog with me, and it’s been a great resource for my fiance and me to get ideas for decorating our new apartment!

    I love the Love Tree print! It would match our bedroom perfectly!

  14. I like the endless circle of love, but maybe in orange.
    I am going through an orange vibe in our master bedroom right now 🙂

    Thanks for the give-a-way

  15. I loved, loved loved the table on YHL today….but even more I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the I love you this much print….I always tell my BF that I love him to infinity and beyond…how great it would be to have that on the wall!

  16. my favorite is “i love you this much” – – which would be best for me in black. plus this is perfect for a 1 year anniversary gift – paper!

  17. Wow, I’ve seen your prints on Etsy before! I also just saw your beautiful table on YHL. Please enter me in the drawing for a Carved Initials print in a dark purple. Thanks!

  18. Love the “love tree” in green. Congrats on the awesome feature on YHL and the dining room is AMAZING!


    1. Thank you so much to everyone for your kind words and support! I’m blushing over here!


  19. Came over from YHL and so far loving that I have 2 DIY blogs to oogle over!! I would love the carved tree print in the darker turquoise color. 🙂

  20. I would probably choose the carved initials. It caught my eye because those are our initials. So glad I found you from visiting YHL! I’ve enjoyed going through some of your more recent posts. Keep up the great work!

  21. Love the work you have done. It’s fantastic! I would love the “Love Math” print. It actually wouldn’t be for me. I have a friend who is marrying a math professor and this is something I believe they both would get a kick out of as a gift. If I won, I would ask the bride what colors she would like. It would be in her home after all 🙂 YHL has great taste. So glad they featured you!

  22. My wife sent me here because we need art, but she’s letting me chose which one I want. I really like the Bird Family. Simple, pure, very nice. I think I’d go for olive and Eggplant for the colors, and put it in our kitchen. It would find a good home there.

  23. I love the “I love you this much” print. My bedroom is (or it will be once I finally get the paint on the walls) a pale yellow with white bedding and accents, and touches of blue throughout, so this would look great in just the colors you have shown! Thanks!

  24. I came over from YHL and I love your blog. Your style is very nice, and your house is beautiful. Love the new table. My hubby is very handy like yours and is currently re-doing our 70’s style house. It had 10 bedrooms when we purchased it, but it’s now down to 5 rooms. (Used to be an adult care facility) One of our next projects will be the master bedroom and the carved initials print would be perfect in our room. Either that or the I love you this much print. Love them!

  25. I love the carved initials (well, really, I love them all) with maybe a slate blue/brown color pairing. How perfect for a master bedroom!

  26. I just found your blog. It’s fantastic. Your home is gorgeous.
    I love the I love you infinity. My husband and I just celebrated our first anniversary last week and we say things like that to each other via text daily. I would love it in a plum and gray combination.

  27. I love love love the carved initials. I think I would love it in some grays and turquoise or deep purple. It’s adorable. I loved seeing your project on YHL.

  28. Also came over from YHL to see your beautiful table (drooling right now). I am absolutely in love with the love tree print in an orangey-red color and the carved initials print in the colors you have-I would LOVE to put either of these in my living room which is in dire need of some help!

  29. Just became a follower after seeing you YHL. I would love to hang the carved initials print in brown in our bedroom.

  30. Aren’t these a load of fun! The craved initials keeps drawing me in. I think in a burnt orange color. To hang in my master bath.
    Yup, that’ll work.

  31. Bird Family would be wonderful with the date 4/9/2009 and the names Derek, Zerique and Zaelynn. That makes 3 birds.Colors are great like that!! Congrats on you article in YHL. love you work!!!!!

  32. Posted on my blog!!!

    Bird Family would be wonderful with the date 4/9/2009 and the names Derek, Zerique and Zaelynn. That makes 3 birds.Colors are great like that!! Congrats on you article in YHL. love you work!!!!!

  33. I love the “carved initials”

    we are empty nesters now but he’s still the one and we’re still having fun!

  34. Hi Guys! Just found you through YHL. I love the carved initials print in the same colors that you show in the post.

  35. I think all of the prints are lovely, but I especially adore the carved initials print. The blue and beige/brown colors already are perfect for our home – we just bought a blue and brown patterned chair and are waiting on our new brown sofa to arrive (um, p.s. they totally lied when they told us 6-8 weeks…we’re going on 10).

  36. I’m in love with each of these prints. But the carved initials. H + B would look mighty fine! 🙂 Brown tree trunk, green flowers, and blue birds. Perfect.

  37. The carved initials print is beautiful! I’d love it in some nice neutral colors like brown and tan with some golden hues to hang in my bedroom. You have a great blog!

  38. I came over here from the dining room table, by the way! And I love the love tree in a darker purple!!

  39. Hmm… the carved tree.. Can it be done in black, gray and purple??

    I’m just discovering your blog!! Thanks for sharing..

  40. I love the love math print. I’m a middle school math teacher so that would fit my fiance and I completely. I would prefer the print to be purple and brown or green and blue (as pictured)! 🙂

  41. I just stumbled upon your blog via YHL. And I must say, you guys have done a wonderful job with your home. I especially love all the custom wainscoting! I love the carved initials print. I think it is so sweet with in green and blue.

  42. I love both the “love tree” and the “love math”, although I think I’d go for the tree… I can already picture where I’d hang one of your adorable prints! Thanks for posting such a great give-away!

    I’m over here from YHL… I just showed my husband the table you guys made and we’re so jealous of your fantastic idea! We might do this for a table in our rec room. We both learned how to weld as teenagers but haven’t had any welding projects to tackle and this seems such a fantastic project – your table turned out so gorgeous!

  43. found your blog through YHL — love the carved initials in the tree! I’m moving from burgundy to cool green and blues in our bedroom.

  44. Ooh, I’m not sure on my favorite. I love the love tree in the green, or the carved initals in green!

  45. I’ve come here from YHL, and I am VERY IMPRESSED. I’m always on the look for inspiration, and you can count me addicted to your style already.

    I love the tree! And the color? Dunno, maybe the pear green I see on my screen?

  46. Hi there. I just became a follower after seeing your awesome table project on YHL. Your home is beautiful! As for the giveaway, these are all so pretty! I would love love love the carved initials print, maybe done in a silvery grey colour? And of course with the initials W+L.
    All the best!

  47. I love the “Carved Initials” print! I think I’d like it in the exact same color it’s pictured! 🙂

  48. I also just found you after viewing your dining room on YHL. I love the BIRD FAMILY! Heres to my first blog giveaway.
    Great job on you remodel.

  49. These prints are great! I really like the Love Math and the Carved Initials. I would pick them to be in rose and brown in order to match our bedroom.

  50. I love your blog. It’s full of great ideas! I am currently working on a memory wall for my family room and I love all the prints above. But being that I have to narrow it down I would choose the love math print in the colors shown. It goes with my family room perfectly.

  51. I would love the carved tree print for our wedding since my fiance carved our initials in a tree when we went on our first hike together 🙂

  52. I have a little obsession with the infinity sign on the I love you this much print. It would be lovely in dark grey and dark purple/maroon!

  53. I’m loving the “Carved Initials” and “Love Tree” and I like the exact colors that they are… I’m currently redecorating my master bedroom in greens and greys so that’d look awesome.

    P.S. I’m from YHL as well 🙂

  54. I love the Carved Initials print in the colors shown!

    Congrats on the YHL feature & keep up the great work – I love your blog!

  55. i love the “love tree” – someday when i get engaged/married i definitely want the others – but for now, as just a girlfriend, i’d like the love tree. 🙂

    i like the green you posted!

  56. I found you through YHL and I am loving your blog! I absolutely adore the first print with the initials carved in the tree…probably with brown and/or blue!

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