Sew it Begins…

I love patterns and pops of color to freshen up a room.  One easy way to add pattern, color or both is with fabrics.  Pillow covers are an easy, simple and affordable solution.  First,  find a  fabric you like.  I chose this pink geometric pattern for $7.00 per yard from Joann Fabric.  Determine the size of the pillow insert you’ll use; you can also buy inserts from Joann.  I bought a 16 inch square pillow form. 

To make your pillow cover, cut a piece of fabric 1 inch wider than your insert size and 6 to 8 inches longer than double the pillow size.  To make a 16 inch pillow cover, I cut my fabric 17 inches wide by 42 inches long.  

Starting with your fabric face down, fold your short ends over about 1/2 inch and pin to secure.  Then, fold over again, pinning in place.  Sew a straight line across.  Do this to both ends.  Flip your fabric over, right side up. 

Fold one end near the center of the piece. 

Fold the other end over, overlapping the other end about 4 inches.  Measure the distance to make a 16 inch square.  Pin the sides together and sew.

Cut your corners, being careful not to cut your sewn edge, to remove the excess fabric to make sharp corners. 

Turn right side out and you’ve just completed an envelope closure pillow cover.

9 thoughts on “Sew it Begins…

  1. i just made some pillows this weekend! i wish i had found your blog sooner so i could have had some tips! ha ha! they turned out pretty well, but i think i like yours better. great work!

  2. Hey I just bought that same fabric from JoAnn’s but in a taupe color and made 2 arm chair cushions. Very nice!

  3. I looked up a couple other pillow cover tutorials today and found them a bit confusing. Then I just stumbled across your post here – and it makes sense! Thank you, I’m definitely going to give it a try!

    1. Hi Ellen,

      We’re glad you found us and even more glad we could help! This style of pillow cover is SO easy, seriously. Four straight seams and you’re done!


    1. Hi Heather,

      The botanicals are from E Bay. They were originally painted by Pierre Redoute. If you google that, you should find a few things.

      Hope it helps!

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