Glass Container Sale

I was at Hobby Lobby yesterday looking for various craft items and wandered down their glass aisle.  Boy, am I glad I did.  All glass items are 50% off!  So, I brought these home.

The decorative lidded jar on the left was originally $5.99, so I scored it for 3 bucks.  Our new spaghetti jar was only $2.50 and each canning jar was only $1.25.  I don’t need those right now, but I do use the same type for our vacation jars, so I figured it would be okay to have a few on hand. 

Once I returned home, I regretted not buying more.  I think I’ll have to go back before Saturday, when the sale ends, to get various sized jars for other purposes.

8 thoughts on “Glass Container Sale

  1. i blacked out a IKEA this weekend and bought five different glass jars with no future plans for them. then as if that wasn’t enough i went to World Market and got more for 50% off. thank god i didn’t go to Hobby Lobby….yikes!

  2. I love glass jars, and I was just telling my husband that I needed to go to Hobby Lobby to look for drawer pulls… this could be dangerous.

  3. $1.25 seems expensive for a mason jar, especially when you can buy a pack of 12 from Ball online for 10.99 – and you can find them even cheaper at the Goodwill or even at garage sales. (I can a lot. My dad just bought me a giant barrel full of old canning jars for $5 at a garage sale – all they need is new rings and lids to be useable!)

    1. Hi Candice,

      $1.25 is sort of expensive, but the jars are smooth and I can only find the canning jars with ‘Ball’ written on them… Even at Goodwill and other thrift stores. Thanks for the heads up, though!


  4. I hve a,set of three jars similar to.what ur q-tips are in and one of the lids has broken. Any idea where I can get a replacement?

  5. Hi…Are the metal lids on the tall glass jars airtight? Since its been some time you bought these, were the goods inside fresh ? Please let me know. I dont have a hobby lobby closeby so am thinking of ordering online and I cannot afford to waste to and fro shipping i dont like it..thanks

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