Glass Container Sale: Part Deux

If you recall, Hobby Lobby had a 50% off sale on all glass items a couple of weeks ago.  On my first trip, I left with a few canning jars, a small apothecary style lidded jar and a tall glass container for spaghetti.  When I returned home, I realized the tall jars would be perfect for our pantry, so I went back to buy 6 more.  Add a few pretty labels and we were done.

Well, in that same trip, I picked up the larger apothecary style jar and another footed, covered container for our main bathroom.  I filled the largest with soap, the medium with cotton balls and the smallest with Q-tips.

This is the bathroom our guests use, so I wanted to keep some often used items out to limit searching.  And I love that everything is white and pretty. 

We haven’t had any visitors since this addition, but I hope it is useful.  If not, I still don’t mind looking at them.  What about you?  What do you do to make your bathroom more guest friendly?

11 thoughts on “Glass Container Sale: Part Deux

  1. love the glass jars. that is exactly what i want to do in my pantry!! i even have the labels ready!! good to know that the jars are at HL!! love your blog and inspiration! and your house!! wow!! THANKS FOR ALL THE IDEAS!

  2. Right now, we only have one bathroom. And it’s tiny. Microscopic. There is barely enough room in there for a trash can *and* a scale (and honestly, sometimes the trash can sits on the scale because that’s how we roll). *If* we had a spare square of counter space for something decorative, I’d be the happiest camper at happy camp, but as of right now I’m relying on a somewhat trendy shower curtain and coordinating roman shade to make the bathroom a little more inviting, and a little less jail cell.

  3. Looks charming–I would have never thought of using a jar for soap, it looks great in there!

    I put a bath towel, hand towel and washcloth and soap on my guest’s bed before arrival–that way, they see them when they arrive, and don’t have to ask which towel to use. If guests are sleeping upstairs (and therefore sharing with our kids), we take the kid towels out and leave the towel bar open for the guest to use. The kids hang their towels on the back of their doors for the visit, so there is no ‘towel confusion’!

  4. I have a bunch of those travel sized shampoo, conditioner, etc. bottles that have never been opened or are barely used. I grouped them and lined them up all pretty in the medicine cabinet in our guest bath. I love it because 1. it’s super guest friendly if we have any spontaneous guests who don’t have anything packed or forgot their shower stuff, and 2. I have a logical place to store all this stuff without sacrificing valuable space elsewhere or having to throw it all out and be wasteful.

    Also, I have two small coordinating decorative baskets left over from my wedding. The brown tones work great in my guest bath and they’re the perfect size: one sits on top of the toilet and holds extra toilet paper rolls (in both guest/public baths I ALWAYS have extra toilet paper visible in an attractive way — a must, in my opinion!), the other sits beside the sink and is filled with flower shaped soap shavings (used to decorate a “towel cake” I received as a wedding gift), and a few small bottles of lotion, pillow mist spray, etc.

    1. Ha, Kasey! I think I have a few more Martha ‘Good Things’ to do before I could get Martha’s attention, but that would be cool!!

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