Wonderfully Wordy Gimme a Giveaway Winner!

It was so much fun to read your responses on how you organize your home.  A few out there would love to hire someone to come in and do all the organizing for them; if I lived near you, I would love to do that.  Yep, I’m that crazy.  Your comments also proved that I’m not the only crazy one out there.  In the kitchen and pantry, all labels must face forward.  Closets must have matching hangers (I prefer the wooden ones with turning heads) and clothes are organized by color (preferably rainbow order)  and sleeve length.  To those of you with those comments, you’re after my heart.  And thanks for proving I’m not completely crazy!

This weeks lucky winner of a custom set of pantry labels from Shelley at Wonderfully Wordy and House of Smiths is…

Michele who just painted her pantry this weekend and needs labels!  Congrats, Michele!  If you didn’t win, don’t hesitate to contact Shelley to get a set of your own.  She’s fantastic to work with and can customize to fit your needs.

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