Let the {Halloween} Festivities Begin

I know, I’m a little late, but better late than never, right?  Usually, I don’t do a lot (if any) Halloween decorating, but Vincent is three this year and he’s pretty excited about pumpkins and Halloween in general.  I was inspired by this Pottery Barn image. 

Almost anything Pottery Barn is beautiful, but I really liked the color palette, tons of pumpkins and the wreath.  I saw a similar black feather wreath at Michael’s for $14.99, but I didn’t want to spend that much on a once a year item.  Instead, I went to Dollar Tree and picked up a simple wreath form.  Then, I took a trip to Hobby Lobby and picked up two different types of black feathers; one package of large (about 6 inches or so) feathers and another of smaller, filler feathers. 

Once I returned home, I spray painted all sides black using paint I had on hand.  After the paint dried, I tied a loop of fishing line around the wreath form.  Our front door has trim that prohibits the use of a traditional wreath hook, so I have to hang wreaths using ribbon or string.  After attaching the fishing line, I used my handy-dandy hot glue gun to attach the feathers. 

I started by placing  a few of the filler feathers in to cover the wreath form.  Then, I cut the larger feathers into the shape I wanted.

Do you see the difference?  I shaped the feather on the left by cutting the top into a nice, rounded shape.  Then, I glued my cut feathers over the filler feathers, being sure to cover any of the wreath form.  I didn’t bother to cover the very back, because that will be against the door, but I did cover the remaining sides.  I did this all the way around, placing the feathers in the same direction until I got to the beginning.  Then, I made sure to tuck the feather ends under the first row. 

I tapped a small pin into the top center of our door and looped the fishing line around and we were in business.

Here’s what my Halloween wreath cost:

Wreath Form: $1.00

Black spray paint:  Leftover from another project, but you can get black paint for $1.00 from Wal Mart

Black feathers: $1.98 (with plenty to spare)

Fishing line: Already had on hand

Glue gun and sticks: Already had

Grand Total:  $2.98

Granted, my version isn’t as large as the Pottery Barn version, but I think it adds the same touch.  Although, I won’t be painting our door orange any time soon.  Keep an eye out for more Halloween decorating ideas soon!

10 thoughts on “Let the {Halloween} Festivities Begin

  1. I’ve always loved those feather wreaths — too cute.

    Just wanted to pass this along… my mom gave me these awesome suction lock hooks to hang wreaths etc from doors with glass in them and they work amazingly well
    these aren’t exactly the ones I have, but they’re close. With mine you put the suction cup on the glass, then bend the hook down and it locks it in place (and it hides behind the wreath so you can’t see it) and there aren’t any wires to deal with, and the wreath doesn’t swing around!


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