We’re Nutty for Fall

A few days ago, the weather in Montana changed and we finally got a touch of fall.  So I sprang (get it, spring is the opposite of fall, yes, I’m that lame) into action and whipped up three fall inspired table scapes. 

Cocktail Hour Centerpiece:  This table setting, complete with snacks, is geared toward a cocktail hour with hors d’oeuvres, rather than a sit down meal.  

Here we have a few thrift store flower bowls, both white porcelain and patina brass, holding almonds, peanuts and shells.  I happened to have almonds and in shell peanuts, but any nuts would work great, or candy, too!  See that set of pillar candle holders?  Those came from Goodwill for only $0.49 each!  The wooden wine holder was a gift that a relative made(!) and it holds a bottle of sparkling apple cider, my fav.  I scored the large vase from TJ Maxx for $5.99 and filled it with a pillar candle and free nuts I gathered from my parent’s yard while in Minnesota. 

Here’s a tip:  If you don’t have a tall pillar candle, give it a boost with an upside down glass. 

The wood slice was something I’ve had lying around for a long time, but you can pick up something similar at a craft store or make one for yourself. 

Brighter Cocktail Hour:  Here we have another cocktail hour table scape, but with a little twist. 

We’ve kept the wooden wine holder around, but we’ve added fall flowers for a nice pop of color.  A wooden clearance tissue cover is turned upside down to disguise the clear glass vase, adding another natural element.  Nuts fill hand stitched felt and tweed leaf bowls (more on those next week).  Mustard yellow napkins round out the centerpiece.

Dinner Party:  We’ve finally gotten around to dinner and incorporated a bird theme.

This is a simple setting using basic white dinner plates and everyday silverware, so we’ve added a pop of yellow with the napkins.  Fancier glasses dress things up a bit.  A TJ Maxx bird and nest candle holder serves as a simple, low profile centerpiece filled in with white ceramic bird salt and pepper shakers and a few bowls of nuts. 

Here’s a tip:  If you have small, rambunctious children (like we do), forgo a tablecloth or runner to prevent a catastrophe.   Instead, add color and texture through cloth napkins.

Most items used were already on hand, but the great outdoors are wonderful ways to add natural elements, without costing you a penny!  Do you have any tried and true thrifty ways to decorate for fall?  Please do share.


11 thoughts on “We’re Nutty for Fall

  1. Amanda! Your blog looks fantastic! Just wanted to give you a heads up all the pictures from the wedding are available, and there are lots of detail shots from the goodies you made for us. They’re on the Gray Photography blog, http://www.grayphotograph.com/blog, and there’s a link to the pictage album in their post (we’re about 3 posts down).

  2. I’m inspired to jazz up my dining room table, great ideas! Was wondering where you found the drum light over your table, it looks wonderful. I think I’d like to switch out our dowdy chandelier to something like yours. Thanks!

  3. Oooh, I really love the 1st one perfect!! I saw that exact vase last night at C&B for way more than you paid….way to go! I have the same little white bowls aren’t those the cutest!

    1. Thanks, Jen. I love you and your blog, too! The table settings were super easy and I didn’t buy anything for them. Look around the hosue before you start and you can find some great pieces to repurpose.

  4. Thanks for the great ideas! I’m hosting a brunch next week and you’ve inspired me to look around and think outside (or upside down) the box (yes, I’m that bad too 😉 ) for a table centerpiece. And I LOVE those hand stitched fabric bowls, can’t wait to hear more!

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