Silhouette Ornaments

For me, how I decorate for Christmas isn’t especially different from how I decorate the rest of the year.  I still look for bargains, multi purpose items, and ways to add personal touches, usually involving more glitter than usual.  So, when I decided to decorate our entertainment center, I knew I wanted to make some special ornaments as placeholders for our silhouette art.

So, I took a trip to Hobby Lobby where I found white ceramic ornaments.  They were originally $1.00 each but 50% off.  Following these same instructions to create the silhouettes, I sized our profiles to 2 inches. 

Then, I centered the silhouettes on the ornaments.

 Using a pencil, I lightly traced the silhouette. 

To fill in the silhouettes, I used normal acrylic paints and a small paint brush to get the detail. 

Ideally, I would have used a ceramic specific, heat set paint, but I couldn’t find any at Hobby Lobby.  I did, however, find four cute ornament hooks ay Hobby Lobby for $4.00 each. 

I had to alter how the ornaments hung, because the ribbon was threaded through the hole, making them hang sideways.  To fix that, I added a small loop of wire, then a ribbon for hanging.

Fortunately, that solved the problem and they now hang beautifully on our entertainment center.

How many handmade ornaments do you have?  If you’re like my mom, most are ones your kids have made in school.  What is your favorite ornament and why?  Did someone special give it to you?  What meaning or significance does it have?

14 thoughts on “Silhouette Ornaments

  1. I love this idea & I love the ornament hooks…I might have to pick up a few!
    Every year my mother in law buys me the Swarovski annual snowflake ornament. I now have 6 of them. They are sooo sparkly on the tree, but i have to hang them high to keep them away from my 2 kittens…hehe!

  2. Hi! I’m new to your blog and love it! I think we have similar tastes! I always decorate in metallics with just hints of blue for Christmas. That’s what color my tree ornaments are. I absolutely love your wreath idea! I’m so not crafty but I might actually try my hand at your wreath! Was it hard??


    1. Hi Jiye! I’m so happy you’ve found our blog and like what you see! The wreath wasn’t difficult, but a little time consuming. I think it was worth the effort, especially because you can use it year after year!

      Jen, I did see that! Great minds do think alike 😉


    1. Thank you for having such a fun blog and for a great day of shopping! I can’t wait for our next get together!

  3. After seeing this post and the silhouette ornament on YHL, I just HAD to make one! Mine was a black paper silhouette mod podged on a painted cardboard ornament. It just out so cute. Thanks for the inspiration Amanda!

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