2010 Gifting: Modern Portraits

Are you still looking for that perfect, custom gift?  Maybe you have a really picky person or someone who has everything.  I’m pretty sure even the pickiest person would love to have a custom art piece.  Am I right?  Well, we’re just introduced our modern black and white portrait line, custom-made from your photos. 

To get one for yourself or to gift, simply send a few of your favorite photos to ourhumbleabowed@gmail.com.  Please send photos in the highest quality possible. 

Your photo will go from this:

Runny nose optional.  With a little artistic editing, your plain photo will magically be transformed to this:

Want to see that again?  Okay, here’s the original, straight from the camera shot:

And here’s a custom, one of a kind art print.

If you would like to place an order, please head over to our Etsy shop.  For a limited time only, we’re having a buy one modern portrait print, get the same for only $15.00.  Your modern portrait doesn’t have to be a print, how about stationery instead?  Become a fan of Our Humble A{Bowe}d on Facebook (and tell us before checkout) to receive 10% off your order, too!

Here are a few other gift ideas we love: DIY Silhouette Art, Holiday Gift Sets, and a 2011 Calendar.

6 thoughts on “2010 Gifting: Modern Portraits

  1. OMG Amanda, I love this! You have done it again with another amazing idea!
    One day when I have children, I will be contacting you for some cute ideas/art 🙂

    1. Thanks for the support, Lorie and Andrea!

      I know $50 seems steep, but each design is completely custom, requiring at least an hour of editing, depending on the picture, plus, you’re getting the actual print for that price. I usually charge $15 for a premade, customizeable design, so you’re actually paying about $35.00 to have the custom design made, (and you can get 10% off by simply becoming a fan on FB) which I don’t think is too bad considering other custom art options.


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