What Not to Buy

Remember when I asked if you’d be interested in a Best of the Worst thrift store post?  Well, I’ve got some doozies for you today.  Are. you. ready?  Be prepared for some serious ugly.  I apologize in advance if any of you have any of the items below.  On second thought, no, I don’t.  You should donate (or throw away) immediately. 

Need a Humpty Dumpty coffee creamer?  Didn’t think so.

How about a creepy, bug-eyed kid figurine?  Pass.

Maybe wooden dolls are more your style?

Moose Christmas ornament missing both legs and one antler?  Why wasn’t this thrown away?!?

Polished rock lamp anyone?  Whoever priced it thinks it’s “neat.”  Hmm…

Insanely gigantic lamp?  Ohh, you’re more interested in a pair?  Don’t worry, they had two!

Maybe a seen-better-days couch featuring golf scenes will tickle your fancy?  Yeah, me neither.  Now, you’re gonna love this.  I saved the best for last. 

Shrunken apple turned head of an old woman plaque.  Did you notice the teeth?  Creepy.  Any best of the worst that you’ve found?  Spill!

24 thoughts on “What Not to Buy

  1. This is hilarious! Some of the stuff they try to sell in thrift stores amazes me. Do they really think someone will buy that junk? The apple face is definitely the winner – gross!

    Lori : )
    Thrifty Decor Mom

    1. Hey Kim and Pamela,

      The lamp could look cool if painted a bright color and a new shade, BUT these lamps were about 4 feet tall, no joke. The style could be cool, but the size is insane. I don’t know a normal house that I would use these lamps in. Any ideas?

  2. Kim:
    I was thinking the SAME THING! I saw it and imagined how cool it’d look spray painted oil rubbed bronze! I think you have a great sense of creativity!

  3. I actually bought a 4 foot+ lamp at a second hand store, bought a new shade, added some fringe with hot glue and it was fabulous! But the base is much narrower than the one you found so it’s quite a bit different! It’s hard to put that lamp in size perspective with a photograph- it looks so much smaller than 4 feet in the picture! With it being so bulky, it might actually be quite the monster lamp that you describe!

  4. I would have actually bought those lamps. Or at least the shade. I’m STILL looking for a 14″ diameter, 16″ tall drum shade for a lamp in our library. The only one I’ve found is $149 at West Elm because it comes on a lamp they’re carrying right now. I need to DIY one soon.

  5. Yeah, it definitely is hard to get how huge it is in the pic. Each part is about 2 feet tall. The table it’s on is probably a little wider than 2 feet. The base is at least 1 foot wide. It’s seriously crazy.

    Cait, this shade would probably work for you. Maybe a thrift store or ReStore would have a gigantic lamp for you…

  6. Yeah, I’ve been hitting up ReStore and things, but no luck yet. Seriously considering making one with two embroidery hoops, some kind of rigid material and some fabric.

  7. The funny things is, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen exact replicas of all those things at thrift stores here in Michigan. I bet we could all find them in our towns. Where do these thing come from! LOL.

  8. We love to have fun in thrift stores. Makes me think of the line in The Sound of Music when Maria says “All my clothes were given to the poor,” and Capt. Von Trapp says “What about this one?” and Maria says, “The poor didn’t want this one.” 🙂

  9. Just found your blog!

    My friend and I went to a bunch of different thrift stores one day..and we kept finding this awful squirrel nut cracker at EVERY place. It was too funny…and sad at the same time. 😛

    1. HA! That’s too funny that you’re finding the same thing. Though, in a way, a squirrel nutcracker could be cute, depending on the style…

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