Pillows in the House

Er, shop.  That’s right folks.  Our first set of pillows are on the market in our Etsy shop.  To be completely honest, these pillows aren’t a recent creation.  I made them for our house back in 2008 when we had a duck egg blue and red color scheme.  You may remember catching a glimpse of them in this post about our living room phases. 

Well, I was clearing out our linen closet the other day and I stumbled across these.  I decided it was time to part with them.  So, if you have a duck egg blue and red color scheme, I’ve got just the pillow covers for you. 

The covers are sewn from duck cloth, a canvas-like material which is very sturdy and durable, making the pillows great for families with children.  At 14 inches square, these pillow covers are perfect for a couch, chair or bed.  Depending on how fluffy of an insert you want, you can buy either a 14 inch square form or a 16 inch square form. 

I hand embroidered the modern red flowers.  Here’s a closer look at the fine details. 

The pillow covers are machine washable.  Simply turn inside out and wash on a cold, gentle cycle.  Then, tumble dry on low.  If you forms have stretched due to use, this will shrink them back down a little.  I need to get my butt in gear to add a few more pillows to the shop, but now we’ve got something!

9 thoughts on “Pillows in the House

  1. Those are so cute, too bad I don’t need pillows!

    Congrats on the AT feature of your entertainment center, btw! (or if you haven’t seen it yet: you’re on AT today, yay!)

  2. Cute pillows! I have a suggestion could you resize your pictures instead of scale them? On the blog they look great but on Google Reader they are huge because they are the original size! It makes it difficult to read your blog.

    1. Hi Lamb,

      Thanks so much for the nominations! That’s so cool, especially becuase I’m in such great company!


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