Basement Progress: Large Bedroom

I have meant to post about the progress of our basement for months now.  I’m a bad friend and haven’t shown you, until now.  We’ll start with the first room we finished down there.  This room is sort of the ugly step-child of our house.  We were given loads of free solid oak trim, so we used it in here.  Now we want to change it, but don’t really care to get around to it.

Anyway, here’s what this room looked like in 2006. 

When we learned we were expecting a baby in 2007, we kick started this project.  This is the view from the entrance.

All the furniture were hand-me-downs from Ben’s boss.  This room is really long, like 18 feet by 12 feet wide.  This is the other side of the room.  The door to the left is the walk-in closet and the door on the right is the entrance.  The window is egress, too.

Last February, while scrambling (I was 8 months pregnant with Ev) to finish the rest of the basement, this room became a storage room for everything that was downstairs. 

Yes, those little legs belong to Vincent.  And yes, our sectional was a pain to get into this room and up on the bed frame.

The next shot is from June 2010, after we cleared the room of most everything.  You will notice a gradual accumulation of stuff from this point on.  Everything that is in this room is left over and unwanted junk from the main level.

We haven’t done much to this room but turn it into an exercise/storage/dumping ground and occasionally, we banish our guests here. 

Yep, not much progress, just junk.  (This is exactly how the room looked before I decided to take pictures.  In the interest of keeping it real, I left the stack of pillows and sleeping blanket on the chair.)  I have decided on a color scheme for this room.  We’re keeping the wall color until we get the energy to replace the trim and paint, but I want to add yellow and grey for a cheery, modern feel. 

Moving the exercise equipment should help, too.  Those boxes are the filled with hardwood flooring for our kitchen, by the way.  See what I mean about a storage/dumping ground?!?

Oh, and our Target rug has found a temporary home until our laundry room is finished.  Who knows when it will make it there.  Also, would anyone be interested in a messy house tour?  Is your basement a warehouse, too?  What do you do with your exercise equipment?

8 thoughts on “Basement Progress: Large Bedroom

  1. love the planned gray and yellow color scheme – one of my favorites! have you thought about painting the trim instead of replacing? would look great in white with the gray and yellow.

  2. Why not paint the trim instead of replacing it? I feel your pain with the clutter collecting spaces. Our house is too small for them, so we have mad purges once a month or so to keep everything in check. It drives me nuts when S just leaves stuff on his desk in our den like it’s just going to disappear on its own!

    1. Hi Justine and Felicity!

      Thanks so much for your suggestion to paint the trim. We’ve considered it, but if we paint the current trim, I think we’ll add more verticals to create a board and batten style trim. Sadly, it’s not really a priority, so we’ll work around it for now. I just want to start decorating it, and not throwing every left over and unwanted item in there. 🙂 Super excited to finally make it pretty!


  3. I love the idea of a messy house tour. If you do one I will do one too (I don’t have kids so it might not be the same). I do have a basement, but it is unfinished…very unfinished. We have big dreams for that basement, but when that will happen is not known. It is totally a warehouse for all our unused junk right now.

    1. Samantha, so true! Ben made the pillow in his ‘western’ days. I’ve been slowly donating them to people. This one is lingering… Want it? 😉

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