Its easy as 123.  As simple as do re mi.  ABC, 123, baby you and me girl Everett and Vincent?  Now that I have the Jackson 5 stuck in your head, let me show you a new print I’ve added to our boys room

It’s from Made by Girl.  Jen also has a really awesome, inspiring blog.  I really liked the bold font of this wedding print, but of course I wanted it to represent brotherly love, not a marriage.  So, I contacted Jen to see if the design could be customized.  Luckily, Jen was very accommodating.  I ordered a custom size (8 inches by 10 inches), sent color swatches for her to match, and of course customized with Vincent and Everett’s names. 

I bought a cheapo set of white frames from Michael’s ($7.99 for two 11 by 14’s!) added a mat and placed it on the picture shelf.

Of course, I love personalized art, and this print is great next to framed hospital bracelets.  The colors perfectly coördinate with their aqua, lime and sun yellow color scheme.

I have more artwork on order for this wall, so ignore the bare walls for now. 

What’s your favorite art piece?  A DIY project?  A gift from a family member or friend?  A cherished photograph?  Something you picked up on a vacation?  Do you have items you try to pick up from each place you visit?  I collect spoons, but I also try to get a photo book from each place we visit.  I think I’m going to start collect art from our trips, too.

6 thoughts on “ABC

  1. Love it!

    Also, I wanted to let you know I linked to the post about the rug you painted for their room on AT since they had a post about painting a chevron rug.

  2. Cute! I love fun, slightly quirky art. We collect coffee mugs on our vacations, that way they are pretty and usable. We like the Starbucks City Mug collection the best, and that way we have an almost matching set of fun mugs from places we’ve been.

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