Gimme a Giveaway: Lil Gator Designs Winner

Thank you so much Jen and Lil Gator Designs for a fantastic giveaway! 

Our lucky winner is number 58, Grace, who likes the ‘Vintage’ push pins and Wolverine best.  Now, that’s a girl after my heart.  Mmmm, Wolverine.  Though, Cyclops is a runner-up for me.  I love the way Wolverine and Cyclops interact, especially in the first X Men. 

For those interested in purchasing a set of push pins or magnets from Lil Gator Designs, Jen is offering free shipping!  Before purchasing, send Lil Gator Designs an Etsy message with the code ‘FREESHIP‘. 

Back to sewing for me today!  For those who follow us on Facebook, you already know some exciting news.  For those that don’t, I’ve been busy sewing a pillow to create a tutorial for a magazine!  So exciting!

P.S.  We’re offering 15% off all orders now through March 15th.  Send a message through Etsy before purchasing with the code ‘SPRING FEVER’ to get your discount.

All  images found via the featured Etsy seller’s listing as linked above.

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