Basement Progress: Small Bedroom

The last you saw of this bedroom, we had installed most of the trim, but nothing else had been done.

After filling and sanding millions of nail holes, caulking miles of seams, 20 gallons of white paint (for the entire basement) and hours of spraying later, we were ready to put real color on the walls.

After painting and installing carpet, we put a king bed on the floor before my family came to visit.

And now, here’s what you see as you enter the bedroom.

The bedding has changed and we’ve added some art recently, but we have tons of decorating to do.

That is the prettiest view, so in the interest of keeping it real, here are some other, not-so-pretty angles.

Here’s our still doorless closet.

I really like the idea of a pink and blue color scheme for this room, but we’ll see.  So, what are your favorite colors to pair with blue?  Any other color schemes you’ve recently fallen in love with?

33 thoughts on “Basement Progress: Small Bedroom

  1. Your room looks great! I love blue and brown together. My daughter’s nursery is actually pink, blue and brown: Sky blue on the top half, chocolate brown on the bottom half, and a pink stripe in the center, with pink floral wall decals and other pink accents. That reminds me, I should totally blog about it! 🙂


  2. My bedroom is blue with brown. Somehow there is also a red thing going on (because of the old duvet and my favorite rug). I think it is actually ok. I’ll be posting about it soon. I love the room so far. I also appreciate that you gave us a view of the not so good side (which is not bad at all). Thanks!

    1. Hi Karen,

      That’s sort of what I was thinking. I really like a raspberry pink, but the pillow cases I have in the pic are left overs that I was hoping to use, too. They’re real silk and really nice, they just don’t have a home now that we have a king bed. 😦 I love blue and the endless possibilities.


  3. Our wedding colors were light blue and chocolate brown. I think they would be beautiful colors in your basement! My bedding in the master is those colors with sprinkles of turquoise around the room. I love it!

  4. Wow I just stumbled upon your blog — I can’t believe that’s a basement! It looks really great.
    I’m looking forward to see what you decide on…I think blue, white and black can be really sophisticated and crisp, and it looks like you’ve already got that going on! Thanks for the renovation inspiration 🙂

    Katie @ Goodsy

    1. Hi Rosa,

      The paint is actually a mistinted version of Restoration Hardware’s Silver Sage (The paint is from Wal Mart and they used the light base. The formula for one gallon is B-37, E-39.5, and T-37. We also have it in the rest of the basement and dining room. I also really like RH’s Sea Green, color matched, too. Hope it helps!
      Everyone else,

      Thank you so much for your support and kind words about the trim! This is one of my favorite trim treatments. I actually wanted this in our dining room… Glad some of you found some inspiration! We’d love to seeany similar treatments!


  5. I love raspberry with this color, but also like pops of orange!

    Great work …. kudos for the patience for doing all the caulking … it looks great!

  6. WOW guys! It is amazing! You are so inspiring. Want to come up to Canada and visit for a while? I can babysit the boys while you tour my place and give suggestions. Let me know 😉

    1. Hi Tara,

      Thanks so much for your sweet words! We’d love to visit Canada. Too bad that can’t really happen right now, but we are willing to help our readers with their design problems and do internet consulting through photos. If you want some help, send us an e mail at!


  7. Hi Amanda –

    Love your blog! I appreciate your detailed post about all trim & woodwork you did in your dining room. I am thinking of doing the same in a nursery. My question…looks like in the dining room you have the trim “split” equal on top and bottom. Whereas in the basement, the bottom portion is a lot shorter than the top. Does this make sense? How tall are the section breaks in the basement and in your dining room? Any help is appreciated!!

    Thanks, Carey

    1. Hi Carey!

      Thank you so much for your sweet compliments! You’re right. Our dining room is almost exactly split in half horizontally. The top of the horizontal trim is 36 inches from the floor. We did this because Ben had previously installed chair rail trim at that height and it would have been a pain to fix the wall, though I really wanted the height in the basement bedroom. The top of the horizontal divider piece in the bedroom is at 22 inches, I think. I’ll have to measure later. Hope it helps though! I’d love to see any pics you have after!


  8. Glad you understood what I was asking for! 🙂 That is exactly what I needed. Thank you very much for your quick response. I will definitely post pics (and link to your page) if I can convince my husband we must go through with this. I need to start blogging again. Take care!

    1. Hi Carey,

      I just measured the basement trim and the top of the horizontal divider is 24 inches from the floor. Other than that, the dimensions are very similar to the dining room…

      Good luck!

    1. Wow, Jen. Thank you! It’s basically the same trim as our dining room, but the horizontal divider is 24 inches from the floor. Can’t wait to see yours!


  9. Oooh, I LOVE, love, LOVE that trim! It looks fabulous! How did you think to make that pattern? I love blue and slate gray…or yellow…or blue and white…pink would be adorable!

    1. Thanks, Meg! I love looking through magazines and trim style books. This was sort of a mixture of two designs that I liked. Blue is so great with so many other colors, it’s hard to choose.

      Thanks again!

  10. Hi Amanda,
    what did you use for the trim? It looks like you painted after they were placed on the walls? Why is that? Sorry may be a stupid question!
    I love this look and would love to recreate it in our basement bedroom!

    Thank you,

    1. Hello Leah!

      We used MDF trim to create the trim pattern. We did attach the boards to the wall, then caulked, filled, primed, and painted it all for a seamless look. It can be applied over a painted wall, it’ll just require touch ups, so it’s easier to paint everything after. 🙂


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