Etsy Me: March

We finished our basement nearly a year ago, but we’re finally adding art to make it look lived in.  Second to Target, Etsy is my go-to place for art and home accessories.  Why?  Because there are so many options, from around the world, right at your fingertips.  That and, I love when I can get something custom-made to my specifications.  A few weeks ago, I started a new series highlighting my recent Etsy purchases

Since that post, I’ve also purchased a few small prints from Cat N Photography.  I fell in love with the sweet sentiment of the Heart print, while the Float print will fit nicely into a gallery wall I have planned for the basement, but more on that when I get around to it.  Both prints are 5 inches square.  Fortunately, Cat had a BOGO sale, so I got both!  For now, I have the Heart print on the guest room nightstand.

Cat was so friendly and accommodating; just a pleasure to work with.  And, the quality of prints is fantastic.  It looks great in an 8 inch square frame I swiped from the boys’ bedroom.

Now I have to find a few more cheap square frames.  IKEA is in order.

I believe the art you have in your home should reflect your personality and as a bonus, it should have meaning.  When I saw the Great Lakes in teal paper cut out art by Crafterall, it struck a chord with this Minnesota girl living in Montana. 

I was thrilled to tear open that package.  I got so giddy once I saw the cut out.  The attention to detail is amazing.

Then, I saw Lake Superior in teal.  I decided to pick one up as a gift.  I’ve had great luck dealing with Etsy sellers, and Marnie is no exception.  Seriously, she was friendly, thoughtful and super quick to respond to my messages.  The art pieces were packaged nicely and arrived completely unscathed.  Definitely impressed with Marnie, her products and service.   

While browsing nature prints, I found another fantastic shop, Ara133 Photography.  This shop specializes in surreal, abstract photography.  Now, I usually don’t gravitate toward surreal art, but this isn’t too out there.  Again, I made my purchases during a BOGO sale, so I got two prints.  Both are 5 inches square, too.  The Willow print has beautiful coloring and a nice balance of sky and leaves.  Yep, still need to find a frame for this one, too.  If You Listen has beautiful contrast of a bare tree against a bold blue sky. 

Unknowingly, I got three pieces of art.  What was the third piece?  Ara133 Photography’s business card. 

Seriously, it was too beautiful not to frame, so I dug out a 5 by 7 frame, cut a mat, popped it in and placed it in the small basement bedroom.  

The blue statue and hazy purple-ish pink background coördinate perfectly with the blue and fuchsia color scheme I’m planning, but for some reason, the pinks don’t seem as bright in photos. 

Please note:  We were not compensated for this post, we simply love the items we’ve purchased from these shops and want to share with you!

All  images found via the featured Etsy seller’s listing as linked above.

16 thoughts on “Etsy Me: March

  1. Thanks for sharing! I always appreciate some guidance when it comes to etsy, I get over whelmed with just HOW MUCH there is!! Maybe you could start featuring other items you’ve found on etsy? Items that you haven’t necessarily purchased but in a dream world would. I for one can never get enough etsy. Hopefully others feel the same and will agree. P.S watching your home come together piece by piece is truly exciting. Thank you for sharing so much with us!

    1. Hi Jenn,

      I’m happy to share! I have a few other posts about my Etsy favorites. In the ‘Topics’ dropdown, you can choose Etsy and it will come up with everything Etsy on here, both our favorties and from our shop. Here is a link to our favs:
      I plan to continue to do a monthly feature of items I’ve found on Etsy, but if you want to stay current on what I’m liking on Etsy, you can always follow my favorites:

      Hope it helps!

  2. Thank you SO much for mentioning our photos, that is so sweet of you!!! 🙂 I’m really glad you liked them – and the card! 🙂 Made my day! I love the other art you picked out as well – Cat’s photos are lovely, and that cutout is awesome!! Great blog! Thank you again so much 🙂 Amy

    1. Hi Amy,

      You’re so very welcome! Your art is so great as is your business card! Thank YOU so much for offering your great products to the world! 🙂


  3. I just found your blog while searching ideas for our basement remodel. I love your style! Your basement looks fantastic. It gives me hope that finishing our basement will be a success! We are getting ready to begin in a couple of weeks. We are adding a laundry room, den, full bathroom, and playroom. Your basement gives me great ideas! Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

    1. Hi Leah,

      So glad you found us! Glad we can give you ideas and inspiration. Basements can be tricky, I know ours was. Low ceilings are a pain in the butt. If you have any questions about yours, I’m happy to help!

      Happy finishing!

  4. My wife LOOOOVES Target for home accessories stuff too. She hasn’t jumped on the Etsy boat yet though. I should let her know about that.

    1. Matt,

      Target is great and you should let her know about the wonder that is Etsy. So much awesomeness to be found without leaving the house! perfect for cold winter days! 🙂

    1. Hi Candice,

      The lamp is from Target over five years ago. I haven’t seen anything like it recently. So sorry!

  5. Thanks so much for featuring the Great Lakes art by Crafterall. I just spent some time pouring over her beautiful etsy store and should have one of her Lake Minnetonka pieces in my home soon. Gorgeous!!

    1. Jenbreeze,

      Isn’t Crafterall’s art beautiful?! Excited for you to get your Lake Minnetonka piece!

  6. Found your blog today via Pinterest, where I saw the Montana print. It’s so rare to see that shape around the internet that of course it caught my eye!

    So, I have to ask, from one Montana girl to another…where do you get your IKEA fix? Do you load up the car with every size of RIBBA frame every trip you make to Seattle or Portland?

    Friends know me well enough that they are sometimes kind enough to ask for a little shopping list if they are headed that direction, but it’s maybe once a year. I’m suffering MT IKEA withdrawls at the moment…

    1. Hi Emily,

      Yeah, Montana is a rare one. My family loves in the Twin Cities, so I get my IKEA fix when they come out (they’ll ask if I need anything) and when we go to Minnesota. Usually my family is out here or we’re back there every three months, so I keep a list of things I might need. And, I do stock up on special sized frames when I can. 🙂 Other frames are from Target or Goodwill, though.

      Thanks for stopping in!!

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