Life’s Good

LG definitely has the right slogan.  Life is good with a new washer and dryer.  Are you ready to hear the smokin’ deal Ben scored?  Well, you’ll have to wait until I give you the back story.

Everyone knows Black Friday has great deals, right?  Well, we saw Home Depot had an appliance deal for Black Friday weekend.  A new, front loading LG washer and dryer was now only $1, 000.  Sweet right?  Yeah, I guess we weren’t the only people with that thought process.  When we went to place an order that Sunday, we were told they had sold their LG quota, so we couldn’t get in on the action.  We I sulked home, wishing we had ordered sooner, thinking we wouldn’t see another deal that good until the next Black Friday sale. 

Then, when Ben sprang this finish-the-laundry-room-thing on me, we picked up our search.  We knew we wanted LG.  Sears and Home Depot are the only places in town to carry the LG line.  Ben saw that Sears had a sale on the LG 4.0 cubic foot washer and 7.1 cubic foot dryer.  The price?  Originally $599.99 on sale for $509.99 each.  (Unfortunately, this seems to have been a week-long sale).

What did Ben do?  He called Home Depot to ask if they match the price of their competitors.  The nice man on the phone said, “Yep, as long as it’s the exact same thing.”  He proudly added, “AND, we beat the competitors prices by 10%.”  So, Ben filled the salesman in on Sears’ sale price and said Home Depot had the same set 10% off currently, but their price wasn’t lower than Sears.  So, Home Depot matched the $509.99 each price, and took another 10% ($102.00) off, bringing the total to $899.98!  Because we’re stacking ours, we had to spend another $48.00 on the staking kit for a grand total of $947.98.  seriously, it’s amazing what Ben can get stores down to.  If Ben didn’t get that bug up his butt, delivery was included as well as hauling away the old machines, if we didn’t sell ours.  The moral of the story: if you find a good deal, check to see if anyone can beat it.

Speaking of selling our old set, we listed those on Craigslist for $100.00 for the set.  They were sold and outta our sight within hours of listing.  So, it feels like we paid $847.98 for our new, front loading, Energy Star rated, squeaky clean, stackable washer and dryer.

Last night, Ben’s brother came over and helped Ben lift the dryer on top of the washer.  We did our first load of laundry, too!  Love them! 

We now have a ton of free space in the laundry room to add cabinets for tool and paint storage as well as Ben’s reloading system and supplies.

We also have poor lighting right now thanks to the stacked dryer.  We have wiring ready, just need to install the new light centered over the door.  You’ll also notice we have a pipe that hangs about one foot from the ceiling, so this will stay unfinished.

P.S.  Our washer door opened to the left while our dryer door opened to the right.  Not ideal for stacking.  It turns out, you can remove six screws, rotate the door 180°,  and reinstall the screws to change the door swing.  Just so you know.

What deals have you scored?  Anyone in the family a sweet talking, deal getter like Ben?

20 thoughts on “Life’s Good

  1. What a great deal! Thanks for sharing. I was thinking about buying machines and stacking. I’m pretty short and wondered how easy it was to reach the buttons on the top machine (dryer?). Guess you have to stand on a ladder to clean the dryer tray???

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      It should save money to reload, but we’ll see how much he shoots now. 🙂

      Hi Monique,

      Last night, after Ben had stacked the units, we were oogling our new laundry room, puting clothes from the washer into the dryer, and Ben seriously asked if I could even see the buttons and lights. Umm, I know I’m short (5’4″) but of course I can see the buttons. Even Vincent can! Really though, I can reach them. I don’t know where the lint filter is yet though. That may be a Ben task. But yes, I can reach the buttons easily. No tippie toes even. 🙂 Hope it helps! Of course, if we encounter any problems, we’ll let you all know.


  2. You are going to LOVE them. I swear I smile doing laundry now. And the door switcharoo is true bliss. I can hit all my bells and whistles with mine stacked. No tippy toes.

  3. I bought my LG cherry red front loaders at a store called Essex which is basically a store that sells overstock from stores like Overstock, Amazon, Home Depot, Sears, and Walmart. Mine were (wait for it) $300 A PIECE! Plus they offer a 10% military discount! You never know what you’ll find when you go in! They had stainless appliances one time, beds another, cheap flat screens, and I even bought designer shoes that sell for hundreds of dollars for only $20! I think they are only located in the south, but if you are in the market for furniture or appliances or anything else for that matter, it’s a weekly stop for my household. I don’t work there, it’s just that if there’s a store that my husband doesn’t mind that I drag him to, you KNOW it’s gotta be a cool place! Sorry I’m excited, but I just can’t help but pass along an amazing deal!!!!!

    1. Pamela,

      I’ve never heard of Essex before, so it must not be in the northern US, but it sounds fantastic! I WISH we had one! That is an awesome deal! Thanks for sharing. Now I’ll have to Google it to see where the closest one is!


  4. P.S. you will LOVE them! The only complaint is in washing blankets, the sensor in the dryer can’t tell if the middle is dry, so using timed dry for large items works best. Congrats on your big purchase. I rank my washer/dryer purchase as one of the most exciting days ever!

    1. Thanks for the tip! I’m washing pillows right now and it just shut off so I think it thought they were completely dry. Totally exciting, too!

  5. It’s funny how something like a washer and dryer can be such an exciting new purchase! Did the stacking kit require the dryer to go on top for weight reasons? I would find it hard on my arms to be lifting up wet (heavy) clothes from the washer up to the dryer.

    1. Thanks everyone for your encouraging words!

      Leah, Yep, the dryer has to be on top because the washer is heavier and needs more stability. It’s not that bad with the stacking because you don’t have to switch the entire load in one handfull. Also, with the energy efficiency and low water usage, our clothes aren’t as wet and heavy as they were in our old washer.

      Debbie, They progably to rotate. If you look at your door, it has the hinge and the little locking mechanism on the opposite side. There probably are screws holding those in (as opposed to glue or something else). Try removing the screws on both. If the holes are the same size, you should be able to rotate the door and put the pieces back in place. Hope it helps!

      Felicity, We would have left our doors opposite if they were side by side. Good to know about the military discount, too!

      Andrea, Ben chose the LG brand. As you know, he’s a maintainance man, so he works on machines often, which means he has preferences about parts and which are better in his opinion. If I remember correctly, he said LG makes their own parts for everything, whereas some compaines use several different compaines components in their machines. These are his opinions of course, but that’s the reason. And LG has a good reputation. He also prefers Delta faucets over Moen and some of the generic ones.

      Kelly, The distance from our wall to the door frame is 35 inches, with our washer and dryer at about 33 inches. They do extend past our light switch, so we moved them over about 4 inches to accommodate. Hope it helps!

      Thanks all!

  6. I just got the Frigidaire Affinity front loader washer and dryer. Any idea if those will let me rotate a door, too, or is that just an LG thing? It’s annoying having one door open left and one open right (they are stacked).

  7. Well done! HD also does a 10% military discount, which is how we’ve been able to beat contractor prices on a lot of supplies over the past year. Not applicable to a lot of people, but it’s not well advertised 🙂

    Our W&D doors open opposite directions too and at first it bothered me, but I kind of like it now; it creates more of a confined laundry area straight in front of me so I’m less likely to drop stuff. Not sure if that makes sense, maybe that’s just how I’d rationalized being ok with the doors.

  8. Good deal!

    We got our washer dryer from the Sears Outlet for about $300 each. Whirlpool Duet Sports, similar to the ones YHL had at their old house. Love them!

  9. That is a wonderful deal, and I love hearing stories of diligence being rewarded! I was admiring your laundry space and was wondering if you would mind telling me the depth measurement of your washer/dryer set-up now that they are installed? What is the measurement from the back of the wall to the door frame? Whenever I look to purchase these, I wonder if they would fit in our space and would greatly appreciate any information that you could pass on. Thank you and again great job.

  10. First of all, I love your house its adorable and very inspiring. second of all, how come I can find where to follow your blog? 🙂 Its very cute.

    1. Hi Cassy,

      Thank you for your kind words! Glad you like what you see 🙂 To subscribe, click the ‘Sing Me Up!’ button on the right hand side under Be the First to Know. (It’s just under the giveaway and search option).

    1. Hi Kasey!

      Yep, still lots to do. Before we can get art, we have to sand the walls, prime and paint, build cabinets and some other small stuff. Thanks for your encouragement!! 🙂

  11. I loved seeing the bones of your laundry room as well as the floor tiles and the washer and dryer stacked. Looking forward to reading more. Thank you.
    – Joy

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