Clothes the Door: A Bedroom Story

You know we’re participating in Jen’s 30 in 30 challenge.  We’ve already shared our living room and kitchen progress.  We stuck to the schedule and focused on the bedroom.  How did we do?  On Tuesday, we woke up to six inches of snow, but we made our own fun by purging clothes from our bedrooms and dressing up, just for kicks.  I mentioned Mr. Packrat, aka Ben, actually got rid of stuff.  This folks, is rather rare.  While he’s quick to toss my stuff, Ben keeps things because he might use or need it someday.  Five years of someday have passed, so, Tuesday was the day.  For your viewing pleasure, our pile of clothing.

Ben’s stack consisted of:

5 sweatshirts

5 pairs of shorts (or short pants, if you’re my dad)

5 baseball hats

1 cowboy hat

1 Indiana Jones hat

2 belts

3 pairs of pants

2 dress shirts

2 jackets (the man has 6!)

Socks and underwear, which we didn’t donate, just to clarify.

So, 26 items for Ben, which is major progress.  What did I donate?

4 pairs of jeans

1 pair of shorts, which Ben wore for his Reno 911 costume.

8 short-sleeved tops

11 long-sleeved tops

1 bathing suit

25 articles of clothing for me.  I think Ben donated one more thing just so he could win.  So, counting the 31 items (94, if we count individually) from the kitchen, and the desk, floor lamp, bag of books and bag of clothes we sent back to Minnesota with my parents we’ve purged 86 items so far.  Wahoo!  If only I could lose weight this quickly…

And thanks everyone for your interest in the kitchen organizer.  I sold it to the first person to contact me about it.  Sorry, I didn’t realize it would be such a hot item.

So, how are your purging efforts going?  Which room do you find the most difficult?  The easiest?  Are you a sentimental hoarder?  Do you keep something just because it was a gift?  Have you donated or sold something and now regret it?  Or do you have a good riddance mentality?

6 thoughts on “Clothes the Door: A Bedroom Story

  1. Purge purge purge! No mercy! 🙂 Great job!

    My husband is a Mr Packrat as well, but I’m not. After growing up as an Army brat , I’ve learned that space is valuable and I’ll sell/toss/give away items without any reservation. I’ve yet to regret it!

  2. I’m with Stephanie. I love to purge especially at the end of seasons. If I didn’t wear it all summer chances are I won’t wear it next summer. My husband is sentimental so it’s been tough getting him to part with things. We have a whole “memory box” full of sentimental t shirts.

  3. I think there’s a book about “does this clutter make my butt look fat” or something to that effect. De-cluttering is like losing weight mentally. It feels so good to have things organized. Great job so far! We’re gearing up for a garage sale so now my house is full of clutter with price tags 🙂

    By the way, we had snow too yesterday here in Minneapolis. Yuck.

  4. Stephanie and Hilary, I totally agree. 🙂 Get rid of anything you don’t like or use.

    Jodee, I do feel much lighter. And I have fewer things to put away, so that’s nice. Yay for yard sales, boo for snow in April. But, yay to Minneapolis! 🙂

  5. At one point, I purged my children’s rooms without them knowing… day we went into our local gift and thrift and there were a few of their crazy hats hanging on the wall…..they both looked suspiciously at me and ask if the hats were theirs…..I ended up having to buy them back! 🙂

  6. I have a hard time throwing out picture frames, because I really like them I “resurrect” different ones from time to time. So I have a graveyard of sorts I have a hard time parting with since I do pull from that stash from time to time.

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