Gimme a Giveaway: Miles of Light Winner!

Happy Earth Day to all!  We had fun reading which bird you’d all be.  If I had to choose, I would love to be a combination of three, an owl for their wisdom, a penguin for their fun personality and peacock for beauty.  Who wouldn’t want to have brains, beauty and a personality to boot?

Getting down to business, the winner of the Miles of light giveaway is number 42, Ashley.  Congratulations!

Do you do anything special for Earth day?  When we were in elementary school, every student received a tiny pine tree.  We planted ours and it thrived until last winter when a huge snow storm broke the top half right off.  Do they still give out trees?  Are you going to plant something?  Maybe a vegetable garden?  A rain garden?

3 thoughts on “Gimme a Giveaway: Miles of Light Winner!

  1. Congratulations Ashley! I got some hydrangeas to plant in our new front yard but it is pouring rain and I don’t want to dig in the mud ;p They will go in as soon as possible though, I love them!

  2. We’ve rescued/added a mum (from work..they were going to throw it out) to the collection of flowers at the side of the house..just not nice enough today to actually put it in the ground.

    Happy Earth Day (and I was thinking only Easter was being celebrated this weekend).



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