Magazines by Month

I have subscribed to Martha Stewart Living for three and a half years with no sign of stopping.  When we finished my office bookshelf, I started storing the glossies vertically, arranged January through December of each year.  Adding newer issues to the group was a pain, because I had a bookend holding the group tightly together.  If I dragged that bookend, my shelf got scuffed and scratched.  When I wanted to flip through old issues, I had to search through to find the month and pull each out (and put it back).  You see the bottom left side?  All magazines.

Tightly grouped with no breathing room.

I don’t know about you, but when I look back at magazines, I’m usually searching for inspiration for a particular month, season or holiday.  Then, I figured out a way to solve my problem.  And yes, it’s extremely technical, life changing and I’m the first person to have thought of this, said dripping with sarcasm.

Why not store magazines in a magazine file?  Huh, crazy thought.  But wait, there’s more.  Order now to double your offer!  I decided to devote one magazine file to each month, for a total of twelve.  Not only does this system save me time searching for, removing and putting away each magazine, but I have room to grow.

I plan for wiggle room when possible, either in shelving or my pant size.  Hah.

How do you store/sort your magazines?  Maybe you had a brilliant storage solution for another area of your home?  How many subscriptions do you have?  What’s your favorite read?


17 thoughts on “Magazines by Month

  1. I love magazines too and I saved them for a long time until I realized that there are only certain parts of each magazines I’m really interested in (ever notice how many advertisements are in one magazine). Now I pull out the parts I’m interested in and store the pages in a 3-ring binder with page protectors. If the article has several pages, I staple them together and put them in a page protector – I use the front and back side of the page protector so I can get two articles in each protector. I also sort the inside of the binder and the binders themselves by topic (holidays, decorating, kids etc.)

  2. So, I totally read your blog all the time and this is my first time commenting. I just thought you’d like to know you have a fan in me…or us. Mostly me, my husband doesn’t do a whole lot of blog reading. But he does do a lot of magazine reading. Food Network Magazine AVID reader. This is such a great idea we will have to implement as soon as we get things in order a little more–we just moved into our first house 6 weeks ago. Chaos.

    Chris Loves Julia

    1. Jade, That is a great space saving solution. I totally agree with the advertisements, but sometimes I don’t see an article and think about it, so this way I can go through everything.

      Julia, Thank you so much for your sweet comments! I really love this system and I think it would be even more practical for food magazines that get pulled out even more often. Congrats on your first house! That’s a fun, stressful, exciting time.


  3. I love the above comments and have to share that I too save my favorite magazines and store month-by-month. I began this while a school librarian storing my resources for each year’s lessons, room decor, activities and literature ideas….of course, that is also how we store the magazines in our public library as well. What easy of access! I keep the whole magazine of the ones I truly love and now treasure my Mary Engelbreit, Country Home, and Blueprint and I even enjoy reading the ads! oh, I also save most Martha’s too…not all, but most. I also have an inspiration binder that I use for tear out pages and another for recipes…I tear out as I read since many times I remember a good idea, but forget where I saw it! 😉 You always have great ideas and such a sense of style!

  4. What a great idea! I don’t get any magazines currently (sniff sniff) but J gets The New Yorker every week and have been looking for a way to save them–this is perfect!

  5. Love this idea! I usually give away all of my OK magazines (I don’t feel I will need to revisit celebrity gossip more than once) as well as most of my other womenly ones but I do save all of my national sorority and Ready Made magazines. I love Ready Made and they only publish 6 a year so I might do this based on year. I love how neat it looks!

    Where did you get the mag holders? Ikea, like the boxes?

  6. You are a genious! Why didn’t I think of that? Oh hang on I use magazine holders too! I now subscribe to 3 magazines so my holders are way too full, so I keep my most recent in my coffee table drawers until they can’t fit anymore and then move them into the magazine holders. I desperately need to get some newer more sterdy ones as the cheap cardboard ones I bought can’t hold the weight any longer. Your idea of storing by months is a great idea you’ll have all the trends and seasons in one box, if I can find the room on my bookcase I might just do the same 🙂

  7. Awesome idea! I’m a magazine hoarder and I always say that I’m going to tear out my inspiration pages, but for some reason never get around to it. Definitely need to try your system to keep it looking neat– thanks for sharing!

  8. totally brilliant! man, why haven’t i thought of doing it by month with the room to spare?? thanks for sharing!

  9. Looks great! We’re been using the white magazine files for years as we both subscribe to several magazine. I was saving my Living magazines and finally gave the older ones to my SIL to read.

  10. I love your idea because I did the exact same thing!!! I live in a small house and have limited storage. I have one shelf downstairs in our basement and bought “on sale” magazine racks at Walmart. Apparently they were “last years colors” so I bought 18 of them for less than $4 a piece! They are an eggplant color which does not match the decor but who cares at that price! However, I have been collecting Martha Stewart anything in print since 1995 and have all my paper materials sorted by month as well, then by color in the magazine racks. It gives a nice rainbow effect. Kudos to you for sharing this idea with other readers!

  11. I couldn’t find any reasonably priced magazine storage boxes and I needed quite a few. I’ve found that wine bottle boxes work perfectly for long term storage of magazines. I painted the boxes with white spray paint so I have a uniform look.

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