You Told Us

Thank you so much for sharing more about yourselves with us.  It seems we have a lot in common.  We’re married, in our 20’s (I’m 25 and Ben is 28).  We have two kids and a dog, residing in the U.S. of A.

Chalkboard US map from Shop Dirtsa.

Forty-four brave souls answered our questions and guess what?  Each of you was female.  Not shocking, I know, seeing as most men don’t like to chat share like women.  Most readers, 80% are married or in a steady relationship.  70% of you are between ages 21 and 29, 20% are between 30 and 39 years of age and 5% are in their 40’s.  I guess no one under 21 or over 50 reads this blog.  Ha.  Three commenters have kids, seven have kids of the human and fur kind, and 27 have only fur babies.  Only three people live outside of the U.S, either Canada or South Africa.

Twenty six follow through Google Reader and nine subscribe to receive Our Humble A{Bowe}d posts in their inbox.

You ladies follow a lot of blogs!  Most were under 50, but Laura reads 400 blogs!  That’s amazing, thanks for letting us be one of yours, everyone!  It makes sense that most of you like the same type of blogs we do.  Mostly home improvement, DIY, craft, sewing, photography related.  Others enjoy cooking, parenting, and marriage blogs.  Thirteen commenters have their own blogs, and I can’t wait to check them all out.

You gals are so sweet!  Most of you said you love our blog as it is, no need to change.  A few comments that I literally AOL (awwed out loud) to: Your blog is one of the first that I started following, and has remained one of my top 5 favorites! Seriously. I’m not just trying to flatter you – I love it!

I love your blog just the way it is! You keep it real while showing us the way you live and work and DIY!

I love your blog–it’s much better than many others out there!  I’m drawn to your blog because you remind me of my family. My husband is very handy and we are constantly making changes to our space.

I Love Love Love that you guys do a lot of things yourself and take your time with them! I know that improvements take a lot of energy, and I’m one of those people who like to get things done! It’s nice to know that little changes make a big difference and it doesn’t have to be done all at once!  OHHH, and let’s not forget that it’s awesome how helpful and supportive your hubby is.

I love how you share how you do things, so we are not just looking at your office, but we could take your idea and run with it.

I’ve noticed your shop products have gotten better and better over the past few months too!

What I love about your blog is how it shows that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars and completely overhaul a room to really improve it. I think the way you guys take on projects that aren’t necessarily big but make a big difference is great.

You have great taste and I love your style.

Honestly, you’ve left fantastic, sweet, encouraging, helpful, wonderful comments in the past, but this was really my “You like me, you really like me!” moment.

Your suggestions were so helpful, too.

More pictures.  We had requests for more tutorials and practical DIY projects, including a how to for the graphics I design.  Maybe more mood boards?

Don’t write too many sponsored posts.  I hear you, Chandeen.  While we get more offers, I only accept the ones that we would actually use or consider using.

Not having to subscribe to enter giveaways.  While I prefer to have subscribers, I don’t mind if you aren’t subscribed so long as you actually follow along with some regularity.  Basically, I don’t want your only comments to be for giveaways.  Is that cool?

The suggestion of “find this look for less” items was awesome!  Because these were your suggestions, we want to know if you’ve seen any items around that you’d like us to try making a version of?  And, we’d love suggestions for “the look for less” series.

To really get to know you, we asked for you to share something totally random about yourselves.  Some of your comments I had to read to Ben, just to show that I’m not crazy the only person that does this.

Kristi G, I’m right there with you, except the accountant thing.  I fold Ben’s Vincent’s and my underwear.  Ben thought I was crazy that I couldn’t stuff them in a drawer like normal people.  And I love going to Office Depot to look at the pretty clips and magnets.  And I want a pretty tape dispenser.  Kristi said: I’m a super-over-organized accountant. Like bad organized. Like fold your sons underwear organized. I also keep my staplers/stamps/tape/scissors locked in my desk drawer. The stapler came with me from my last job and I LOVE it. They had a new stapler for me when I started here and I said “no thanks.” I really like office supplies.

Justine  can’t stand time left on the microwave.  And toilet paper has to be in the over position, or she will change it, even at someone else’s house.  Me too, to both.  Ben leaves time on the microwave and I have to press end to clear it.  And the tp thing, one time, someone put the tp on the holder and Ben asked who did it because it was backward, so it couldn’t have been me.

Ashley L said: I have little patience so when I start a project, it needs to get finished THAT DAY!  I will stay up all night if I need to.  It’s a problem.  Ashley, I feel your pain.  I’ll work on something as long as I can, just to get it done.  I want to check it off my list!

Other comments that made me giggle:

Corie:  Birds scare me. But I like them when it comes to decorating A LOT! Is that weird?  {I’ve got 50 birds in our house.  I like them a lot, too!}

Stephanie:  I love Coach purses and expensive beer, but balk at spending more than $7 on mascara or $19.99 on shoes. Issues…  
Catie: Um, I’m married to my complete and total opposite. I’m the intense, creative, colorful, outgoing, bubbly, generally happy designer while he is the laid back, meticulous, slow to react, introverted engineer. We are matched perfectly, no!?!
Hillary:  I once won the style award during a competitive watermelon seed spitting contest. That sums me up pretty well.
Dirt Don’t Hurt Mom: If someone asks me how old I am, I almost always answer 23 without thinking. I think that was the last age I really remember before my kids were born!
Kim:  I turn into a total kid around animals (or the idea of them). I just love them, and whether it’s bears, goats, or dogs, I instantly turn into a baby talking crazy lady.
Again, thank you so much for answering our questions and following along with us!  Big ol’ buckets of love and sunshine coming your way.

16 thoughts on “You Told Us

  1. Please allow me to be the first, almost 50 year old, Canadian who subscribes only to your blog and thanks you for it. All the best to you.

  2. YAY! What a fun survey. And thanks for posting the statistics, I’m a total nerd over stuff like that!

    Happy Hump Day!

  3. What fun! Thank you so much for sharing the results with us–it may be nerdy but I love stats (I blame my political science degree for that one)!

    Oh and I love that chalkboard map–so cool!

  4. I like knowing what other people are as well!! Here’s my stats since I spaced on doing it from the original post!
    33 year old – married – white female – 3 children (all boys, hence my blog) – no pets – live in ND. I follow you through the email notification so it comes right to my inbox, with about 25 others. I then stalk about 10-20 blogs that I do not subscribe to. The blogosphere is a big rabbit hole with clicking on links and ideas and people who sound awesome (just like YOU!). 🙂
    I too love office supplies! There’s something about it! I’ve had the same stapler from Denver to ND over 7 years and it’s on my desk right now! 🙂 I’ve started decorating cakes as a stress reliever and have a hubby who will be deployed next year for 6 of the longest. months. of. my. life.

  5. I continue to find new things to enjoy on your blog. I just read through “The Grand Tour”. Enjoyed it. I am over 60 and find your blog filled with great ideas.
    – Joy

  6. That must mean im the only 20 Year Old living in New Zealand that is subscribed to your blog. An I thank you so much for all your helpful information!

    1. So glad it’s a hit! I loved reading your comments!

      Joy, you’re the first over 60! Wahoo!

      Jaimi, Yep, you’re the only one. 🙂 Thank you so much for following and showing your support!

  7. The survey didn’t work for me, so here I go 😉
    29 years old – married – white female – no children so far – no pets – live in Germany.
    I follow through google reader but visit the site all the time as well (you were the second blog I added and are still one of my favourite)
    I follow about 30 blogs, all related to Interior Design (DYIing, a little crafting and a little sewing).
    I love you How To Posts on pretty much anything (DYIing, crafting an sewing) and I enjoy your etsy finds!
    I ike that you are one of the blogs to only show you own work an not lots of “inspirational pictures”.
    No fan of the sponsored posts either and not much need for the giveaways (but that is just because of the shipping issue, I still like the things you give away).
    You inspired me to make the felt circle pillow and to start my own blog to document our house building journey.
    I am the handy(wo)man in our household and the hubby only helps out when there is extremly heavy lifting to be done. All the power tools we own where either mine before we got married or bought and used only by me afterwards
    Random: Over here crown molding is made from styrofoam. Wood is much more expensive. So are houses (and they are “more solid” in certain aspects and take a lot longer to built). Blogs made me long for a nice camera. I love, love, love white furniture… I hate painting wood, but I love what you can do by painting wood.

    1. Hi Jenn(ifer)!

      Thanks so much for your info! I’m honored and flattered that you started a blog because we inspired you! And, I loved your felt circle pillow! They’re starting to make trim out of plastics and foam here. And, I love white furniture, too!


    1. Hi Amanda, If you want to, you still can post your info! Even though it won’t be counted in the tallies, it’s nice to know more about you. 🙂

  8. Hi there…I must be your one very old fan! I am 62, married 40 years to one sweet man…3 grown children who are all older than you! and 8 amazing grands….two are 17, two are 16, one is 13, one 11, one 7 and one 6! no multiples….just happened….I believe age is not a factor in making friends, but I do believe everyone needs to grow, learn, take chances and live large! One of my biggest regrets is that when I was 15 the Beatles came to Kansas City to perform at the baseball stadium. Charlie Finley was the owner of the KC As at the time and he was instrumental in getting the gig for KC. Tickets were just $10 and all my girlfriends were going, you have to understand the Beatles were huge…..we all loved them, this was 1965. My dad said an unequivicol NO.To this day, I regret that. I have seen Pope John Paul the first just one week before he died….but I wish I had seen the Beatles. My point….living large means going out and seeing, doing, being your dreams. age has nothing to do with it.

    1. Hi Cathy,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to answer the survey! That’s a bummer that you didn’t get to go the the Beatles! I completely agree that everyone should try to do, see, and experience as much as they can. I wish we were able to travel more, both when I grew up and now. Hopefully when the kids are just a little older, traveling will be much easier and your lives will allow it more frequently!


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