Five Years Ago: On the Scene

Yesterday, we shared our DIY wedding invitations and thank you cards and we invited you to our wedding.  A reader also asked what made us get married when we were so young and so quickly after meeting each other.  I think this is a great question and the perfect time for an answer.  Um, basically, I thought Ben was amazing from the moment I met him.  Oddly enough, he thought the same about me, though I didn’t learn this until shortly after he returned home.  He sent an e-mail to my sister, thinking it was my address.  (We had the same initials and worked for the same company, so our addresses were nearly identical)  I was so disappointed that he didn’t contact me, but then my sister forwarded me his message.  From that point, we talked for at least four hours a day and got to know each other.  We visited as often as we could.  Ultimately, a long distance relationship is really hard, and we didn’t want to wait any longer.  Even though we were young, we had never felt that way about another person.  It just felt wrong not to be together.  I know that sounds so cheesy and cliché, but it’s hard to leave someone you love so much.  So, we got married!  We didn’t (and still haven’t) questioned if we made the right choice.

How about we take a look at the venue, our aunt and uncle’s back yard.  Yes, they are crazy awesome and let us invade borrow their beautiful home for the weekend.

Their back yard is as amazing as the front, which is where the ceremony took place.  Large rose bushes and landscaping pavers lead the way to a small patio.  The pavers served as the aisle for the wedding party.  The men entered through the fences and the women entered just to the right, out of the photo.  Both parties met up to join arms after the sundial.

Here’s another angle to give you a better idea.  Oh, and the screened porch in the back was the perfect place to set up the food, hence the fruit tower.  If you zoom in, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Just beyond the ceremony patio is a white pergola, fountain at center.  This may be where I have a love for pergolas.

To the left, we placed about 40 chairs, knowing our ceremony would be about fifteen minutes long, we knew guests wouldn’t mind standing.

With our guests seated, the ceremony began.  The perfectly symmetrical landscaping of cherry trees, evergreens and beautiful urns with floral arrangements was better than any other venue we could have gotten.

The temperamental early Minnesota summer threatened to rain on my parade our wedding.  For that reason, we rented two tents for enough space to comfortably seat 175 people (I blame my mother for the large guest list) and leave room for a bar and dancing.  Oh, and that beautiful barn served as our backdrop.

Let’s go in for a closer look.  The tables at the very front were the head table with three round tables behind for our VIP guests.  You know, to give our parents, grand parents and special friends the best view.

Beyond the three round tables, we placed long rows of tables for everyone else.  Guests made their way over to the reception area after congratulating us in the receiving line.

Fortunately, the weather held out for us.  A few light sprinkles as we exchanged our vows and that was it.  The overcast day made for perfect, squint free wedding photos, too.  Though the temperature was slightly cooler than average, it was excellent dancing weather.

Want to know what’s on the tables?  We’ll share that tomorrow.

Where did your wedding take place?  Indoors, at a church?  A beach destination wedding?  A courthouse?  A backyard wedding like ours?  Maybe a place  I didn’t mention?

15 thoughts on “Five Years Ago: On the Scene

  1. We got married on the front steps of an old plantation home here in Texas that once hosted none other than Stephen F. Austin himself. It was so beautiful and we were surrounded by really old oaks. For the reception we took it indoors and enjoyed the beauty of the home. Ours was short and sweet with only about 22 of us in attendance. Loved it!

    1. Angel, your wedding sounds beautiful! And thank you for your kind words!

      Stephanie, I love backyard weddings. they can be so beautiful and simple and elegant, all at the same time. 🙂

  2. My husband and I were married in my mother-in-law’s backyard! It’s breathtakingly beautiful, like your aunt and uncle’s, and it was the perfect fit for our small wedding. I would love to do it all over again!

  3. That pergola is gorgeous! My high school had several pergolas (it used to be a mansion before it was a school) and I remember eating many a lunch under them 🙂

    We got married inside in a church on the campus where we met and attended school (St. John’s Church on Creighton University’s campus). The next building over from the church was the building where we first met!

  4. My husband and I got married in my parents’ lush backyard (I always knew my wedding would be there.) And like yours, I let the beautiful surroundings do much of the decorating. I couldn’t compete with the beauty of Mom’s yard! We made everything ourselves, from the block print invitations to the napkins (vintage pillow cases cut in squares with pinking shears) to the record cupcake stand and the cupcakes. It was a great party. I wouldn’t have wanted anything more.

  5. We actually had two weddings…the I’m getting married this weekend one and the larger one with extended family and friends. Can I say that I loved the “this weekend” one more 🙂

  6. Ahhhh our wedding was on 7/7/7 outside in our favorite state park. Ours was pretty much jus tlike yours! We had the white chairs, white pergola that we rented covered in greenery and little white flowers, less than 100 people, but it was 100+ degrees that day UGHHH. All of our wedding pictures were horrible and we were so miserable and sweaty, haha. I’m a graphic designer so I designed every stinkin little thing possible. Our wedding stayed inexpensive that way. We went to an older friends home to have our reception in their barn. So neat to see your pictures. They remind me of my special day 🙂

  7. Beautiful! I think you too are absolutely adorable!
    We got married at the beach – not on the beach, mind you. Too much rain over the weekend spoiled plan a, but plan b was a large covered patio at the place of our reception. The overcast day did make for some beautiful pics too!!

    1. Thanks, everyone for your sweet comments! We love hearing your wedding stories. 🙂 So much fun and fantastic memories.

  8. Loooove your reception. I really want an outdoor wedding but MA weather is really fickle. I love the tent and I am definitely pinning it to my “Future Wedding” board! 🙂

    1. Barn Weddings,

      You know, when Ben’s brother started planning a backyard wedding at their recently purchased home (their wedding was about a week after they closed), we offered our yard, but they wanted it at their house. It would be fun, though.


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