Five Years Ago: Wedding Flower Power

We’ve shared our invitations and wedding location, and today, the wedding celebration continues.  This time, we’re talking flowers.  In my opinion, flowers always add elegance to any occasion.  For a high impact on a low-budget, I asked my cousin, Jenna, to lend a hand to create our DIY floral arrangements.  Luckily, she said yes, so I ordered flowers through an online wholesale company.

What did we order?  Well, tulips are my favorite flower.  Unfortunately, June is not tulip season and I had a hard time finding them affordably priced.  But, we did find them, so we ordered around 150 in white, using most for the bouquets.

The bouquets were as simple as grouping the flowers in a slightly domed cluster and cutting the stems.  Then, we wrapped the stems with wide white satin ribbon and added a decorative thin black zig zag of ribbon.  Round silver pins held everything firmly in place.  My bouquet had about 45 stems and the bridesmaids had about 25 each.  Simple and stunning.

Alstromeria are beautiful filler flowers, so we ordered roughly 120 stems.  Having never ordered from this company, I ordered at least 2 bunches more of each flower than I needed, to have extras if the quality wasn’t great.  We bought 50 white roses and over 30 bunches of daisies for a grand total of $350, including shipping.  When the shipment arrived a few days early and was left at the door without being signed for (no one was home) I feared for the worst.  Luckily, everything was well packaged and in great, budding shape.

Because I’m relatively terrible at floral arrangements, I decided the way to achieve the best results would be to keep one flower type per vase, with three vases per table.  Which means we needed 45 vases.  Where did I go?  First, I searched through my sister’s kitchen and took some tall beer glasses.  Then, the thrift store and Ikea.  I didn’t want every arrangement to match, I just needed one tall, one medium and one small clear glass vessel for each table.  After finding a great assortment at the thrift store, I picked up a set of drinking glasses at Ikea.  Total spent on vases?  About 18 bucks, for everything!

Finally, flower arranging day had arrived.  First tip: Keep your flowers as cold as possible.  Second tip:  If you’re doing this yourself, keep the arrangements as simple as possible.  Third Tip:  Use interesting leaves to add greenery.  Fourth tip:  Remove all leaves that will be under water.  This will help keep the flowers alive longer.  Fifth tip:  Enlist lots of help!  We were lucky to have so many willing helpers to tackle wedding projects.  Ben’s brothers did manual labor and heavy lifting, my sisters and friends helped with flowers and set up, our aunt and uncle helped prepare their yard, and my parents coordinated everything.  A DIY wedding is definitely a team effort.

Each tall vase held four tulips and a few roses along with lemon leaf.  The middle vase held about 5 bunches of Alstromeria.  This arrangement was the easiest because we just cut the stems to length and tossed them in a vase.  The leaves on the stems were great greenery.  The small vases had a tightly clustered group of daisies and I decided to add Kermit mums to a bright green.  We also snagged hosta leaves from my mom and aunt’s gardens to use as greenery in these arrangements.

Each table had one of each, set in a cluster for maximum impact.  Four Ikea candles on each table provided warmth (not literally) and ambiance.  The head table and round tables had simple white plates, silverware champagne glasses and place cards.  See that little curled paper inside each champagne flute?  Those are place cards.  The little black boxes are favors, which we’ll share tomorrow.

With the table arrangements and bouquets done, we still had tons of flowers left over.  We made two small arrangements for either side of the fence entrance.

Two large bouquets for the head table.

Two large arrangements in flower pots filled the guest book/program/gift table.

We created most of the arrangements, but I wasn’t comfortable with the large arrangements flanking the ceremony.  We had a local floral company put these together a day before the wedding.  Surprisingly, each arrangement cost $

What did you use for your bouquet?  What is your favorite flower?

6 thoughts on “Five Years Ago: Wedding Flower Power

  1. SWOON! I love your bouquet!! My favorite flowers are calla lilies and red Gerber daisy’s. So, mine was mostly red Gerber’s with a few calla’s mixed in and a few light blue hydrangeas and some sprinkling of baby’s breath and ginormous eucalyptus leaves so it smelled divine!! I had intended my “something old” and “something blue” to be a small cameo pin of my grandmother’s (she passed away about a month before the wedding), but she apparently hid it very well before she passed and we couldn’t find it! My mom replaced it with another one she found at an antique mall and I changed my “something old” to an old hankie of grandma’s wrapped around my bouquet for the ceremony. That was a lucky choice, too, because when the officiant mentioned her, the tears started flowing! Then, my bridesmaids had smaller Gerber bouquets with the eucalyptus leaves as well. I LOOOVED my bouquet and one of my mom’s best friends did all of my flowers so ours were super cheap, I just paid her for the bulk flowers she ordered and gave her a pretty awesome gift for doing them all!

  2. I love your flowers. i went with a professional wedding florist, spent too much money and was disappointed. It was the only thing on our wedding budget that I went over on, and the guy did not do what I wanted. I love peonies, but it was July so they were out of the question. I ended up with roses, and other similar to peonies like flowers. They were pretty, flowers always are, but not exactly what I had in mind.

  3. We used tulips too! Red in my girls’ bouquets and white in mine. It was so cold that day though, my tulips never actually opened. Good thing there was plenty of other flowers to fill to holes. We used more red tulips for the centrepieces — a single tulip submerged in water in a clear vase. I loved our centerpieces.

  4. Tulips are some of my favorite, too! White, specifically. We have so much color in our home, that a bright, white flower always looks timeless (in my opinion).

    We needed bang for the buck for our DIY wedding, so my bouquet was 3 huge hydrangea flowers in bright pink – and all the bridesmaids had white hydrangea (I think 2 each). I never really liked hydrangea before, but I had no idea they could come in such a vibrant pink and purple! Ever since our wedding, I have a soft spot for those guys, and Scott always points them out too (like, “hey, that’s our wedding flower!”).

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