Five Years Ago: Detail Oriented

You’ve seen our invitations, the location, and our flowers.  Now, we’re going to share the miscellaneous details and finishing touches.  Let’s start with the bridal party attire.  I found my wedding dress on my first trip out.  It is simple, off white (I look horrible in bright white) with an overlapping top and satin ribbon.  The train is short, but not too formal for an outdoor wedding.

The hairdresser I used to babysit for created the updo, a modern french twist with flowers along the right side.  As a wedding gift, she also style the bridesmaids’ hair, too.  The bridesmaids wore strapless black tea length dresses with a satin ribbon.

{From left to right, my cousin Jenna, Aunt and owner of the home, Mershawn (we call her Shawnie), my mom, my older sister Ashley, me, my younger sister Andrea, my cousin Mallory, and high school friend, Amanda}

Oddly enough, the other important ladies in my life also wore black dresses.

The men wore black tuxedos with black bowties and vests.  Ben, being the special groom, wore a silver vest and tie.

{From left to right: my dad, Ben’s youngest brother Joseph, Ben, Ben’s younger brother Nick, Ben’s older brother Luke and Ben’s dad, Robert}

By the way, my dad is a mechanic, so he is never in a suit.  Doesn’t he look handsome?!?

We got hungry while taking pictures, so we had a cheesecake snack.

Ben and I both love cheesecake, so we chose vanilla cheesecake with chocolate, strawberry or raspberry toppings.  Here is our special wedding cake, we had others too.  Sure, it’s not the prettiest, but it tasted goooooood!

For some reason, we don’t have pictures of our food, but it was delicious!  My mom’s friend, a caterer made and served the food.  To please everyone, we had penne pasta with the choice of marinara and meatballs or Alfredo sauce and grilled chicken.  Caesar salad, fruit salad, and dinner rolls completed the buffet style meal.

Guests had a sweet treat inside the gloss black favor boxes.  A mini roll of Rolo chocolate caramels wrapped in pretty paper, mints, Hershey kisses, personalized M & Ms and a string of jingle bells.  We had to use plastic dinner plates, so guests could jingle the bells if they wanted us to kiss.

We decided on a modern guest book of floral printed white card stock and white envelopes stamped with the floral stamp.

After writing a message, guests placed their message in the glass vessel, usually used for trifles.

After the wedding, I made a book to hold the cards using the leftover paper from our wedding programs.  Double sided tape holds the envelopes in place nicely.

Our wedding programs kept the same floral stamp theme going.  The outside was a piece of white linen textured card stock with two printed stamps at the top with our names and ceremony info at the bottom right corner.

The vellum printed inside sheet had the bridal party and ceremony order.  We tied the two sheets together with the same waxed string used for the favor boxes.

Just for fun, here are a few random details about our wedding:

The wedding started at four in the afternoon because the reception followed right after.

Three of Ben’s brothers served as groomsmen while both of my sisters and my cousin were bridesmaids.

Our bridal party walked out to Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring.  I walked out to Canon in D by Pachelbel played by a violin duo.

Ben and I were super hungry, but barely got to eat during dinner.

The first song Ben and I danced to as a married couple was Carried Away by George Strait.  The second dance with the wedding party was When You Say Nothing At All by Keith Whitley.

My dad’s name is Keith and I didn’t have a father daughter dance.  I wish I would have.

I made more money than Ben in the dollar dance.

My uncle, who was really stressed about the wedding in his backyard, let loose at the reception and spun around the tent pole, bending it.  Too funny.

We still have my favorite vases from our wedding.  The candles that lined our head table are in our bathroom now.

7 thoughts on “Five Years Ago: Detail Oriented

  1. Amanda, you are too funny!!! I can totally relate!! your wedding seems a lot like ours in many of the details! we also had an outside wedding and were considering a friend’s backyard but it did not pan out!!

    Our bridal party walked out to Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring. I walked out to Canon in D by Pachelbel played by a violin duo.
    Ben and I were super hungry, but barely got to eat during dinner.

    I walked out to Canon in D by Pachelbel to a string quartet!!

    My hubby and I were starving and we did not get to eat much. Thankfully the caterer knew better and she packed us a couple of containers to go and we were able to stuff our faces when we got to our hotel!! all in all it was a fabulous wedding, reception and honeymoon!!

    Thanks for sharing all your wonderful memories!!

  2. You looked beautiful! There are hardly any (are there any?? besides the one on your main page) photos of you on your blog.

    1. Hi Gina, Too cool! It seems that most couples don’t eat much at their weddings… I think that should change. 🙂

      Hi Amber, Thank you so much! Nope, I’m usually behind the camera. Ben isn’t especially techno savvy, so, camera work is usually left to me while Ben does the work. 🙂


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