Isn’t it {P}interesting?

When I’m lacking inspiration or motivation, I turn to my new BFF, Pinterest.  Sometimes, I find pretty pictures.  Others, new techniques, tricks or ideas.  Here are some of the new techniques and tricks I’ve picked up.

Coat items in Plasti Dip

An easy way to make uniform pom poms.

How to make realistic tissue paper flowers.

Melt plastic bags to make decorative bowls.

A cheap, DIY faux bois welcome mat.

Use Google maps to make cute, personalized envelopes.  Seriously, this is genius.

I’ve also found so many things I want to DIY, I just need to find a time to make them and a place to put them.  Perhaps a person to give them to.

This is similar to the painting I want to make for the theater room.  I hope mine turns out half as pretty.

Cheap and pretty paper lanterns.

Cute, DIY finger print art.  Yes, please.

I totally want to make house numbers like this.

Concrete planters would look good anywhere.  I’m certain of this.

A faux capiz chandelier would look fantastic in a bedroom.  This can take some time…

How realistic do these paper ranunculus look?  Answer: Very.  I want to make a bouquet of them.

Once Everett has outgrown Vincent’s hand-me-down shoes, I’m doing this.

Kim’s welcome mat is modern and cute, just the way I like them.

I want a patterned shower curtain for the main bath thanks to this image.

Wooden inlay floors are a true sign of craftsmanship.  This tumbling block design is no exception.

This fixture is more than I’d like to spend, but it would make a statement.

Love this pillow.  ‘Nough said.

These sconces are uh.mazing.

If you’re looking for art inspiration, check out this pin board.

I’m so excited to get this framed and on the wall.

Thanks so much, Patricia!

And now, we’re off to meet our new niece, born this morning!  Finally, some estrogen in the Bowe family!  Haha.  What are you all doing on the first official day of summer?

9 thoughts on “Isn’t it {P}interesting?

  1. Such WONDERFUL ideas!!!! For some reason I cant figure out how Pintrest works- how to pin fun images I see, how to browse through everything…am I crazy? Maybe i just need to explore it more???

  2. Anxiously awaiting my grout to come in, so I can extend the one row of tile around the tub up 16 inches; my first tile job! I love all the links you shared, I had heard of pinterest, but hadn’t joined, it looks like a smorgasbord of ideas! Thanks!

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