Pillow Review

Recently, The Furniture Domain asked me if I would be willing to review a pillow.  I love pillows, so I said yes.  I chose a 16 inch square modern leaf pattern with a mix of tan, blue, green and black.

The colors coördinate wonderfully with our living room.  Pass a few weeks and a box arrived at my door.  I ripped that sucker open like it was Christmas morning.  The pillow inside was beautiful and the texture is fun.  The black is a velvet-like material.


Actually, I was standing outside when I opened the box, and I immediately put it on the newly refinished bench to relax and enjoy.

Coincidentally, the colors are perfect for the porch, so there it shall stay until the cooler weather sets in.

During my relaxation, I realized two things.  One, my roses are blooming.

And two, Everett has a really cute shadow.  And chubby little legs.  And feet.

In addition to pretty pillows, The Furniture Domain also has a great selection of furniture for the bedroom, living room, and dining room.  And, their customer service rocked, too.  That’s a kicker for me.

P.S.  We were not compensated for this post, but the pillow was free in exchange for a review.  All opinions are 100% mine.

11 thoughts on “Pillow Review

  1. That pillow is fantastic..has all the colors in my house! I wish I could find that in wallpaper to highlight the back of a bookcase. Such adorable pics of Everett.

    1. Amanda, I didn’t know that! That’s funny.

      Ashley, I love the fabric more in person than in the pics I saw, too. And, I agree, Ev’s feet are so cute. It’s funny though because his feet are so thick that they don’t fit in some shoes.

      Jamie, Thanks so much! We think he’s cute, too, but we’re biased. I don’t want cooler weather either, but I could do with out the high 90s.

      Suzanne, If your shelves can be removed, perhaps you could make a stencil and paint a design on the back? The black border would cover any imperfections. And thanks for your sweet words about Ev. 🙂

  2. I covered my dining room chair cushions with this fabric! It’s so fun and modern and makes me smile every time I look at them! Great choice!

  3. This is the perfect pillow for our living room. Where can I find this beauty at? I looked at the Furniture Domain with no luck. Do you know the name of the fabric, etc?? Thanks!

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