4th of July Inspiration and Winners!

We’ve gathered some red, white, and blue decor inspiration.  For ease, we’re breaking this inspiration into time sensitive categories.

A few days before the nation wide celebration, get in the mood with some or all of these projects:

A patriotic wreath is a simple way to add charm to your exterior.

String paper garland in the trees, a fence, the food table or anywhere else.  Stars are cute.

Though so are circles.

Two or so days before the party:

Mmm, cupcakes.  Even cuter with star toppers.

Corn on the cob-esque cupcakes follow a bbq and real corn on the cob wonderfully.

Make firework look-alike table decorations.

A super simple centerpiece of colored water and candles.  Ambiance and simplicity.

Seersucker napkins are easy-going.

And, for last-minute flare, try these:

Add a festive touch to drinks by making star and stripe ice cubes.  Check IKEA for star and stripe molds.

For another fun splash, add a few drops of food coloring to make even ice water fun.

Make a fresh treat in a snap.  White chocolate and sprinkle dipped strawberries.

Make chocolate and sprinkle dipped pretzel sticks while you have the mess supplies out.

Decorate your lawn with sifted flour stars.  Fun for the whole family.

Nothing says summer more than a gooey s’more.  And food is always more fun on a stick, right?  Hence the lure of the state fair.  Combine the two for a cute treat.  I would probably alter this recipe by dipping the marshmallow in chocolate, then graham cracker, then chocolate again, and finally sprinkles.

Also, we have two winners of Jessica Alpern store credits.  Number 69, Sarah is the $30 credit winner.  Laura J, number 87 has a $45 shop credit to spend on Jessica’s fantastic work!  Congratulations!

In all honesty, we’ll probably only do one or two of these.  We’re more of party goers, not hostesses.  Which are you?  Other than displaying a flag, do you decorate for the fourth?  If so, what are your tricks?


4 thoughts on “4th of July Inspiration and Winners!

  1. Fun ideas! I am totally going to use the flour stars. I’ve been so stoked about those corn cupcakes since I got the magazine and now I’m going to take the time for a centerpiece and garland. Too fun!

  2. Ooh, I love so many of these ideas! We’re not having a get together this year (actually, never have had one) but I’m hoping that as the little one grows we’ll be doing more and more fun festive stuff… and I’m a total DIYer, so all this looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Mmmm. Those marshmallow pops sound delicious! I might have to give those a try. I don’t decorate but I do go to our local parade and then to a family cookout.

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