Independence Day

Happy fourth of July, my fellow Americans!  Enjoy this fabulous day off!  Wishing you a relaxing day off from work, enjoying a barbecue, fireworks, a parade, and sparklers.  Perhaps you’ll listen to an Americana song or two, like God Bless the USA.

{via Pinterest}

Inspired by an idea we saw on Pinterest, we decided to make flour stars on our grass.  I taped four pieces of cardstock together and cut out a simple, uneven star to use as out stencil.  Using a basic flour sifter, Vincent and I started making stars.

In pictures, the stars in the grass are more noticeable than in person.  So, we switched gears and made stars on the sidewalk.  Vincent had a lot of fun helping.

We continued, placing one star per square of sidewalk.

They’re not perfect, but lots of fun for the kiddos.  Everett even got in on the action.

Yep, tons ‘o fun!

Until I took the flour away.  Then, he screamed like crazy.  Until I picked him up.  And got flour all over my jeans and black shirt.

If you’d like to see more than my flour covered lower half,  check out my mug in the summer 2011 Fresh Home Magazine.  Someone pinch me.  I can’t believe my face is in a glossy.  If you’ve never heard of Fresh Home Magazine, you should check it out.  It’s a really DIY, budget friendly mag with tons of inspiration.

You probably guessed we were on vacation with the lack of commenting, Facebook and other blog related things.  And, you’re right.  More to come later this week.  We’ll be back to the regularly scheduled programming tomorrow, sharing our current garden.  Don’t get too excited because it really isn’t that fantastic.  Sorry to get your hopes up.  Until then, enjoy the festivities and a day off from work, hopefully.

6 thoughts on “Independence Day

    1. Thanks, all! I’m still so excited it’s crazy. Though, I’m generally a crazy person anyway. Ha.

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