Simple Solution: Painting and Hardware

When summer rolls in, we seem to get our rollers out to paint.  Last summer, it was the fence.  Now, it’s our front door.  You see, the trim and step looked like this:

Not pretty.  Or finished.  So, I busted out the gallon of satin white exterior paint leftover from painting the mailbox post.  Three coats later, our trim looked satin shiny and new.  But the antique brass lever handle just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

And Vincent always took the deadbolt cover off, so most often it looked like this from the inside.

Ben bought the front door hardware when he bought the house.  When we bought matching hardware for the backdoor, we couldn’t find the same style deadbolt.  All we found was a lever handle with a deadbolt which locked from both sides.  Locked from both sides!  Why?  That meant we had to hang a key from the  backdoor just to open it!

Umm, yeah.  If our kid kleptos the deadbolt cover, you can bet your bottom dollar that he stole the key all. the. time.  And, the front and back door keys were different.  So we didn’t replace strictly for cosmetic reasons.  We chose a  brushed stainless knob and deadbolt set for both doors.  And, they are keyed to match.  Score.

We love the new hardware and convenience from the switch.  Oh, I should mention we chose a knob because V liked to hang from the lever.  Yep, hang from it.  I know, I should have better control of my kid.

We’re I’m still too lazy to touch up the paint around the door we installed two years ago.  I do have a lame defense though.  One, the paint in the living room is old, so it separates while painting, so it isn’t the same color.  Two, when we remodel the kitchen, we’ll have to repaint the living room, so we’ ll choose a completely new color.  Three, I hate touch up painting.  Well, painting in general.

The backdoor is decked out with a new lock, too.

And tons of fingerprints.

Seriously, were these kids raised in a barn?  Must be to have that much grime on their hands.  They’re lucky they’re cute.  Ha.

Now I need to convince Ben to replace our original garage doors.

You’d think it wouldn’t be difficult given the condition.

F0r some reason, he’s resisting.  Apparently the garage is last on the priority list.

Please tell me your kids get fingerprints all over your house.  Or hang on doorknobs.  Do you prefer a lever or knob style?  Do you have two different keys for your doors?  Find it as annoying as we did?

10 thoughts on “Simple Solution: Painting and Hardware

  1. Ha, no my kids but my dogs sure leave the doors and trim marked! not to mention the windows in my jeep are all marked with their noses!

    I’m in the process of cleaning all the molding in the house and will be painting it as well. It will look all freshen up!

  2. Fingerprints? More like handprints! hahaha. We have prints all over the house but mostly on the walls. When they walk down the stairs they must swipe their hands down the wall the entire way because there is a dirty smear all the way down. Gross! Also, when they walk around corners I’m guessing they must grab the corner of the walls and swing around the wall because the corners are the dirtiest spots. We need to repaint badly but I hate painting and our walls are ridiculously tall so we can’t just pull out a ladder and repaint. Someday we shall paint the entire space but in the meantime I just pull out the paint can twice a year and try to do a touch up and hide some of the grime.

  3. We have full panel glass front and backdoors. Love the light it lets in. Hate the hand, finger, nose (from the dog – I hope), splashes from the pool, and constant “what is that?” prints that are always on them. I keep a bottle of windex and paper towel in the closet closest to the door and wipe down glass and mirrors every couple of days. Most of the time. The rest of the time, I look at them say, “who’s idea was it to have kids?” with a happy sigh. Someday, when my house is empty and clean, I will miss those fingerprints.

  4. Ha! No, it’s not just your kids. My son used to hang from our handle, so we switched to knobs. Now, he’s using the knobs to swing the door open while hanging. It’s like living with little indiana jones, only I wish he’d be afraid of snakes…

  5. I have a dead bolt that locks from the inside (and outside) with a key hanging from it. Stupid. It came with the condo and I’ve been too cheap to replace front and back doors, knobs, deadbolts and a funky 3rd lock on each door. Even weirder the knobs don’t lock at all. They look like hallway door knobs. And the deadbolts are different on each door. We use only the funky 3rd lock all the time. Love the look of yours!

  6. I’m soooo glad to hear somebody else say they hate painting! I love painting furniture and “stuff,” but hate painting walls. I don’t have the patience for clean edges.

  7. Knobs, hands down! I have two boys as well and they could get out of our apartment so early (age-wise) ESPECIALLY since opening the door from the inside released the deadbolt…and we weren’t allowed to install a lock higher due to fire code. That was FUN! 🙂 As for locking on both sides, it’s usually used in bigger places, or doors that have a glass window so that someone couldn’t just bust out the glass and open the deadbolt. Unless, of course, the key is sitting in it, ha! I love that you hate painting, because I just finished painting our sitting room, and keep looking at it thinking there area couple places I could re-touch…but I’m just not going to.

  8. I love your front door! I have to replace mine and I want one with a window but not a full window and almost everyone on my block has the door from Lowe’s with the oval window. 🙂
    The reason they make deadbolts that lock on both sides is so it’s more difficult for people to break in. All someone has to do is break the glass and turn your deadbolt.

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