TP Debate

It seems everyone has a strong preference on which way the toilet paper should go, over or under.

{found here via Pinterest}

Personally, I’m an over person.  Ben claims not to have a preference, so he goes along with me.  At one point, he asked me who put the paper on the holder because it was wrong.  Yep, he’s well-trained.

Where is this going, you ask?  Ben and I are helping Ben’s brother Luke design his master bathroom.  After discussing the layout, tile, and vanity, we started discussing the details.  Sinks, lighting, faucets, and tp holders.  Toilet paper holders have come a long way.

Of course, they can be basic, like this recessed one.

Or slightly more fancy, like this one.

If you’re constantly running out, try a double holder.

If I wanted to drop almost 50 bucks on a holder, I’d splurge for this one.  It’s sad that I’m having tp holder envy.

If you have a paper debate raging in your home, I have a solution for you.  Warning: This is not a completely original idea.  Why not turn the paper vertically?

Not looking to spend that much on a holder?  Try turning this one or this one vertically.

 Whaddya think?  Plausible solution?

And, just because this made me laugh.

Would this be creepy to do at someone’s house?

So, which are you?  Over or under?  Do you think going vertically would solve the debate?  Do you doodle on toilet paper?  Or make origami to be found?  Have I spawned a new tp holder need in your heart?

17 thoughts on “TP Debate

  1. I find this terribly amusing! 😀 I just remodeled two bathrooms and used the single post vertical holder in both. I like the look plus, no matter which direction it unrolls, it looks cleaner and is less apt to have extra paper hanging down. There’s still a debate in our house, though…do we pull from the back of the roll or the front. LOL! (I prefer from the back…it’s the same argument as the horizontal holder, it just looks tidier).

  2. we always choose a holder that makes it easy to put a new roll on (where you just slide it off and on without an additional step of having to unattach/reattach). It makes it more likely a new roll ends up on the holder instead of on top of the toilet! By this reasoning, the first two would be less desirable than the others, but maybe it’s just because we’re lazy!

    1. Brenda, I’m glad you like it! I think the vertical ones look great, too.

      Carole, We’re that lazy, too. That’s why we have the single sided holders. Everyone just sets the paper on the toilet tank if you have the other kind. Ha.

  3. This is great! We are “over” people at our house and I will change it if it is wrong at someone’s house. I am thinking that we need a double holder. My husband seems to always use the last of the roll and leaves me to replace it. =)

  4. Never had a preference until I moved in with my husband and he showed me the “right” way to do it (over). Now I go nuts if it’s not over at other peoples’ homes, too!

  5. Always over! It just makes more sense. I’ll admit that I’ve changed it once or twice if it was put on the wrong way… Oops. As for holders, I like a nice, traditional style (like option 2). If there aren’t two ends connected to the wall, somehow the roll will fly off the holder.

    Who knew I’d be so opinionated about toilet paper??

  6. I love this post! So funny! And we are over people, definitely over. I try not to change it at other people’s houses though, just in case they are under people; however, I may judge them just a little bit for their inferior tp orientation choice. 🙂

  7. LOL! Eric and I actually randomly talk about this!!! I’m totally an “over” kinda girl and Eric (while he has no preference) almost always places the roll in the “under” position! We need one of those upward dispenser to relieve the problem! LMAO!!!

  8. Haha! This post made me smile. I’ve had this debate before. We are definitely over people in our house…but it does make it easier for the little ones to unravel the roll.

  9. Over! the other way is so annoying! Love the 2nd to last picture. it would be awesome to do that at some people’s houses!

  10. the things that people can do with tp…I wouldnt want to ruin the flower, i’d probably ask for a different roll 🙂 I am typically an over girl, but my downstairs bathroom heating/cooling vent is right below the tp, and when its over it gets blown all around and eventually unravels, so it has to be under 🙂 its sad but I have found myself taking the roll, if its under, and switching it around so its over at peoples houses! i think i’m crazy 🙂

  11. When we moved into our new house, there was not only no hardware on the cabinets, but no TP or towel holders in the bathroom. I guess that was good because we got to choose our own. (and earn an extra hole in the wall when my husband hit a stud drilling for the one in the master bathroom. We chose an open ended one like you showed at the end and I angled it up so you don’t always have the roll flying off the end. (I guess I’m aggressive with my paper-removal? :)) I’m an over girl fo’ sho’

  12. I’m an over girl. I have an open ended one and the roll keeps getting knocked to the floor by a towel in our tiny bathroom. My son is well trained- when he was little he would notice when people had it “wrong” in their house. I’d love to know how to do the tp folding. How fun to leave a flower for the next person!

  13. I agree with Carole, a holder that requires no unlatching is best, or ours would never get changed! I prefer under. It just seems more, subtle. Which is ridiculous, I know, we all know what it’s there for, after all.

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