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We shared our first post in May 2010 to document the progress on our house.  Since then, we’ve added nearly 400 posts.  We like to share one new post five days a week.  Though we’re still small, our fan base is growing each day.  We’re honored to have been featured on Apartment Therapy, Young House Love, IHeart Organizing and more.  Now, we’re Fresh Faces!

Your sidebar ad is visible on every page, exposing your shop to our readers.  Each month, we have about 50,000 page views.  In addition to your ad, we’ll also thank you for supporting this blog in a post, like this one, each month.

For only $15 PayPal payment per month, you can reserve your own 150 by 150 pixel ad slot.

If you’d like to run any sales or promotions for Our Humble A{Bowe}d readers, we’re happy to spread the good news, both on our sidebar and in each thank you post.

Ready?  Set?  Go!  Send us an e-mail at to get started.

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