MN Thrifting

A trip to Minnesota wouldn’t be complete with out a thrift store stop.  Between our December trip and now, a new thrift store has opened up near my parent’s home.  Curious, we stopped in one day, just to take a peek.  Obviously, thrifting is hit or miss, but I was pleasantly pleased with how many large furniture pieces they had.  Sadly, I couldn’t take anything home with me.  But, I had a good time browsing.  Kitchenwares are always abundant.  I loved this gold striped bowl.

Silver rimmed stem ware could also double as pretty candle holders.

These green ceramic canisters are cute, functional and cheap.  The large was $3 and the small only $2.00.

I spotted this $25 mid-century modern end table for my sister.  She’s been on a MCM kick for her new home.  She loved it, so we took it before someone else could.

Of course, we saw some junk, too.  Really, when was this creepy girl lamp ever acceptable?  I’d think your kid wouldn’t be able to sleep because of the distant stare.

Oh, look.  Another cat figurine.

I’m actually kinda undecided on this brass knight head.  With a coat of spray paint, and in the right setting, like a geeky man’s office, I think this could look cool.  Sort of how the bright Buddha head statues are all over.

What do you think of Sir Knight?  Are poppy painted knight busts the next big design trend?  Or flop?  Probably neither.

11 thoughts on “MN Thrifting

  1. That knight looks like a sports mascot, I just can’t figure out who!

    Those silver-rimmed stemware totally would’ve come home with me 🙂

  2. That lamp really is scary. I’m going to have nightmares about her tonight. And the knight’s head? I like it! But I also have a flying metal pig in my house, so what do I know?

  3. This has to the Family Pathways Thrift Store? I live in MN too and just curious where you spotted your finds! Anyway, love your blog and your great eye for finding the jewel in all the junk 🙂

    1. Jen, sadly, no potato bowl. 😦 Haha. Good times.

      Jen, Yep! Family Pathways in Forest Lake. They had a lot better selection than most places in Montana. Ha.

  4. I have that EXACT SAME END TABLE, no lie! I “inherited” it from a lawyer I used to work for when he closed up shop….thus leaving me jobless. I guess the table was my severance! I got a truly massive wood desk (seriously, this thing was HUGE) that I sold on eBay several years ago, and a couple of 60’s mod style chairs (think bright green naugahyde with spindly wooden arms, kind of a lounger style) that I wish I still had, too. Anyway, back to the table, the finish was awful on mine, years of neglect, so we sanded it down and oiled it and it’s FABULOUS. It’s currently the TV stand in my bedroom. I’m still flabbergasted that I actually saw one just like mine on a blog. I love bloggers :). LOL!

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