Worse for Wear: Dining Table

As much as we love our kids, we don’t love the scratches, scuffs, dings, dents, stains and other blemishes they leave around our house and on our furniture.  To keep it real and show how items in our house have held up (or haven’t) to two rowdy boys, we’re starting a new series, Worse for Wear.  You know how fashion bloggers have “What I Wore Wednesdays”?  Consider Worse for Wear the home owner equivalent.

I thought the best place to start is our DIY welded steel and marble-topped dining table, our most popular post.

A year ago, the freshly spray painted legs looked like this:

Here are the legs as of yesterday:

And now, for a closer look:

I don’t know how they did it, but the boys have slowly chipped the paint.  Fortunately, we had anticipated this, so it should be easy enough to lift the marble top off, sand and repaint. 

Luckily, the marble top is still as perfect today as it was a year ago.  No scratches or stains.  And, the chairs look great thanks to the perfectly imperfect dented factory finish.  Overall, we’re very pleased with the durability of our new dining set. 

How about you?  Which furniture pieces have held up the best?  The worst?  Which did you expect to get trashed, but didn’t?  Who causes the most damage in your family?  Kids?  Dogs?  Husbands?

8 thoughts on “Worse for Wear: Dining Table

  1. Hmmm, might be me but the damage doesn’t look that bad and with children and/or pets some chipping can be expected. I wonder if a clear polyurethane applied over the paint would prevent chipping.

    In any case I wouldn’t get too upset about it. Call the missing chips the distressed look and call it a day otherwise the table legs might need to be painted every year and what a task that would be.

  2. I agree with going with ‘distressed’ legs…I have two rowdy boys as well (6 and 3…row-dy!) and they break ev-er-y-thing. I don’t even know how they do it sometimes! Dings in the walls from flailing around with toys, broken toy bins that they were using as a fort and stepped on wrong, you name it. But then there are things that I was worried about and they never messed with them…of course, now I can’t think of a single one, ha!

  3. I have a suggestion. They make appliance touch up paint that comes in little white-out type containers. It would be a glossy white. Maybe try that to fill in spots to extend the time between repainting.

  4. I love “keeping it real” type posts!
    I don’t have any kids yet, but my cats have scratched up my wood dining room table, even though they only have back claws. We are going to distress the whole thing, sand & re stain so it looks deliberately dinged up…..

  5. this hits close to home this week… we have an aging 220lb english mastiff, Zeus, who has been on a roll this week. One rug had to go in the trash, but another rug in my foyer has held up amazing! It is from Thom Filicia and although it is considered indoor/outdoor – it really looks like a legit woven rug, nobody would even guess that it was indoor/outdoor and when the beast has an accident, it just gets hosed off and scrubbed with a scrub brush – it is perfect – (and now for the rug http://www.houseofearnest.com/2011/06/17/friday-favorites-this-third-week-of-june/)

  6. I love the idea of “worse for wear”. So clever.
    We bought a white rug last August (which I will probably never to again) and just over time it’s become a bit dingy. It needs a good steam cleaning. ASAP.

    1. Unfortunately, the marble top weighs about 300 pounds, so we couldn’t have a wooden base. If we sanded the base, we could leave the base plain steel, but it wasn’t very pretty before we painted it. Really, it’s not completely terrible as it currently is, it’s just not as pristine as it once was. Ha.

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