Feeling Peacock-y

Our basement bathroom is sort of boring.  Lots of beige and white with some green.

I want to change that, but we’re not replacing the floor or repainting.  So, how can we add character without hours of work?  By adding interesting elements, like cute deer hooks for towels, and color, of course.  You probably already guessed which color we chose to add based on the post title.  If you’re dense, we chose peacock blue.  Why?  Because blue and green look great together and the adjacent theater room is sea blue/green.

This all started with a harmless trip to Ikea in December when I snagged a set of three Limmaren bottles.  We use the clear bottle in our bathroom for mouthwash and love it, so I decided to fill the blue bottle up for the basement.

For another splash of peacock, I bought a three dolla hand towel from Target.

So far, so good.  I still have to convince myself Ben to paint the mirror a similar shade.  I have no qualms about painting the mirror, because I definitely don’t like the current finish.

But, do I use spray paint with limited options?  Maybe the same color we used for the shelving?  Or a more boring route, ORB to tie in with the other fixtures?  Or old-fashioned latex for a custom color?

I have about 10 ideas swirling in my brain for art, but I need to try some things out to see what I would like best in the space.  I know I want something long and narrow over the bath tub, but would it look strange to have another long, narrow piece over the toilet, sitting on the shelf?

That blank wall to the right of the toilet bugs me, but eventually we will finish the steam shower under the stairs so a door will swing out toward that wall.

More color to come, but I haven’t decided on other items.  This rug from Urban Outfitters is fantastic, but could be too busy in the space.  And it’s a simple cotton rug and Ben would hate that it doesn’t have a non slip backing.  However, the size and price is right.  You know what they say, “If the rug boot fits.”

Usually a shower curtain would add a ton of color, but we don’t need one because we have a tub only.  However, a small window sits above the bath tub.

 The window is the same size as the other small windows in the bedrooms.  Could we treat is sort of like the window in the basement bedroom?

Would it look odd to hang a boldly colored, fun patterned curtain there?  While I’m showing you the basement bedroom, you should know that they saw some changes yesterday.  I’ll share more on that next week.

What would you do?  What other ways do you add color to a bathroom?  Any art placement ideas?  How much is too much in a bathroom?

9 thoughts on “Feeling Peacock-y

  1. I love that color as well…I painted my bedroom a similar color. I think if you did the mirror, latex would be good and you could rough it up to show some of that darker finish peeking through. I love the splashes of color you’ve added and also love all the simple lines you have throughout. The wainscoting (or whatever you call it when it’s in the squares) adds so much visual interest it’s beautiful on it’s own. I can’t believe it’s a basement bathroom!

  2. Oooh, totally color match the mirror to the great new hand towel! I would, it could be great!! And if it isn’t, then ORB or white is an easy out! 🙂


  3. Love green and blue together! I think I’m going to do the same color scheme in our office/craft room. Can’t wait to see how you bring it all together.

    PS – love your sink/counters!

    1. Thanks for the input, ladies. I’m already working on something, so hopefully we’ll have info to share soon.

      Jen, that was my thought process, too. I can always re paint it if I don’t like it. What do you think about adding the same rug you have in your laundry room? Does it slip and slide all over?

  4. The bathroom is one of my favorite places in a home to really just have fun with art! We have a gallery of photo strip frames hung in ours and a bright yellow mirror. It’s the room that’s used for the smallest amount of time, so why not have a little more fun with it?

  5. Love the rug! I think I am going to copy your idea and use it in my boring guest bathroom. We did a simple remodel of our guest bath (we went the inexpensive route) and now that we have lived with it, I think we will probably redo it again sooner. But, this rug would be perfect for now. You know, you can always put some of that rubber stuff under it (and tack it to the rug with a little glue) to keep it from slipping around.

  6. I am a big fan of that rug. Maybe you can add the non-stick backing to it?? Also, I think you should frost that window in the bathroom. That way, the light will still come in but there will still be an element of privacy. You can always add a patterned valence or something (if you use a long curtain, it may get wet if the tub gets used) to keep that area looking nice!

  7. You need to match the mirror!!! You need to check out Montana Gold Spray paint (if you haven’t already) because they have more color than any other brand!!! You can get them at art supply stores. Also – love the rug.

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