Plunge into the Lagoon

Well, I did it.  I painted the bathroom mirror.  Before, the mirror had a finish straight from the 90’s.  It didn’t look too bad from afar.

But get up close and you’ll pick up what I’m laying down.

On Thursday, I didn’t know which color I’d choose.  After much careful consideration deciding to take the bull by the horns, I chose the boldest option, Lagoon.  If I hated the color, I could easily paint the frame a safer color, like ORB (oil rubbed bronze) or white.  I picked up another can of Rustoleum’s Lagoon blue (a super pretty greenish blue) Ultra Coverage spray paint and got started.  First, I taped off the mirror, being careful to cover every part.

Two light coats of the satin finish paint later, I had a bold mirror.  And guess what?  I loved it.  After allowing several hours of air drying time, I brought the mirror downstairs and hung it up.  I peeled off the kraft paper, but left the taped edges, just incase Ben hated it.  I don’t know how he could, just look at the drama the color adds.

By the way, the color in this photo seems off.  In person, it looks extremely similar to the Ikea bottle on the left.  This is the most accurate picture I could get of the color.

Pretty, right?!  Luckily, Ben saw it and said he didn’t care whether it was blue or the original finish.  Right after his half-hearted approval, I tore the tape off to make the mirror officially done.

Now, when you enter the bathroom, you’re greeted by this.  Hello, lovely.

And, the bold color still works well with the muted sea green paint color in the adjoining theater room.

I think we’ll keep on trucking in the peacock-blue direction.  So much so that I’m looking at everything to see where I’ll add another unexpected pop of color.  Next stop, art.  And finally putting an outlet cover on that outlet.

Do the new changes float your boat?  Like the bold color enough to try it in your own home?  Where do you have unexpected pops of color?

59 thoughts on “Plunge into the Lagoon

  1. I’m sorry, Amanda, I just cannot see beyond that outlet cover. The whole room seems unfinished.

    😉 Kidding, of course. I LOVE the mirror. That is a great color!

  2. Wow, I love it. I’ve been admiring colors like Newburg green (Ben Moore) and plumage (Martha) for a while now, trying to figure how to incorporate it in my house… this is a great way to add the color without painting the walls! The fact that it comes in a spray can makes it even better 🙂 The color just makes me happy when i see it!

  3. I LOVE the peacock color! It’s so fun! I actually love blue and green together. My bedroom is painted turquoise with pops of lime. It’s a bit bright for my hubby, so we’ll be toning down the wall color in a couple of weeks. I just love waking up in a Tiffany’s box, though! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement! The bold color really does add so much to the room. Liz, if you like Newberg green and Plumage, this is the perfect color for you. And yes, the spray can makes it much easier! You could totally paint a picture frame, mirror frame or another small accessory like a vase or something with this for more color.

      Nicole, I understand completely! That’s sort of why we have the blue-green color in the dining room, theater and small basement bedroom. It is bold without looking too bright.

      Thanks again, everyone!

  4. So funny I have a very similar mirror with this awful 80’s gold fleck in it. I have two cans of spray paint, one Bahama Sea and one is a very bright yellow. I am undecided, but now I really like the blue. hmmmm.

  5. I Love It! In the pics it looks like the blue in some fabric for our porch barstool cuhsions that I’m trying to match. I hope so b/c that color is awesome — and in spray paint. My fear was having to get paint matched and paint the chandelier that I’m working on w/a brush. Which will look much worse than if I can spray paint it.

  6. I really love the color you chose! I was just saying to Joe that one day, when we’re bored with the bed (it’s white), we should paint it a teal-blue color. The one you chose is EXACTLY what I had in mind!

  7. I used the same lagoon spray paint to paint some ceramic lamps for my living room. however, i started small with an old metal star that i had laying around. i figured if i didn’t like the color, i could always sell the star at a flea market. but i loved the star so much that i shopped for some cheap lamps to paint!! the color is amazing and works well with the goldy-yellow curtains i have in the room!! love the mirror…def a fan!!

  8. Love Love Love!! I am a huge fan of that color. I have it all over my house as a nice pop of color. It actually works really well in lots of different color schemes. Glad Ben was ok with it!

  9. I absolutely ADORE the Lagoon color! I painted a t.v. console turned workout center that color and it’s amazing. I’ve done frames and a cart on the porch the same color! It rocks, works with almost every color we own and POPS peoples socks right off with its bold, yet soothing shimmer and shine. Great choice and lovely bathroom.

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