Etsy Favs: August

It’s that time again.  Etsy time!  Honestly, Etsy posts are some of my favorite to write because I remember all the lovely things I have added over the past few weeks.

Let’s start with art, like the Ginko Leaves screen print from Bold and Noble.

For a fun, 3D conversation piece, check out 57 fish by Karoart.  Hmm, could I make a 3D clay piece?

We’re still obsessed with birds and feathers, including this watercolor painting by Amber Alexander.

An original water-color painting for $35?  Say yes to Disappear by Water Color Paper.

Combine an original art piece, feathers, and a budget and you’ll get this original feather painting by Fairysomnia.

Yep, more feather paintings. This time from La Berge.

Just for kicks, how about a feather etching from Atelier28?

Along with feathers, I’ve been eyeing several text prints, like Something Wonderful by Khamm75.

And this Love Together Forever print from Orange Beautiful.

Now that we’ve covered art, it’s time for housewares.

Fabric animal baskets from Hoganfe add style and function to a little person space.

For baby, here’s a cute wooden bird mobile from Snug Studio.

This bull/knife block/bookshelf/cheeseboard from Toro Legno is sure to spark a conversation.

These sunny yellow crochet snowflakes from Dolce Crochet would make wonderful coasters.

Speaking of coasters, this rainbow puzzle set by Artis Everything are so fun!

And another set of coasters.  I guess we have a lot of drinks.  This time, a natural set made of wood by Bella Glow.  If you have scrap wood, why not make coasters?

Apparently I have a crush on doilies lately because this mat by Gildem is really cute.  An adaptation of this would also make great, cheap art.

This chevron and gold vase by Jill Rosenwald is stunning (and expensive!).

On the opposite end of the spectrum, this white and gold paper mache bowl by Etco is affordable and elegant.  I seriously need to make something of paper mache.

Did you love paint by numbers as much as I did?  Well then, this pillow by Shop Dirtsa and you are a match made in heaven.

We don’t need another calendar, but I’m still tempted to get this perpetual calendar from Orange Beautiful.

This geeky love note card from Dawn Correspondence was too cute not to include.

To see more of my favorites, stop by my Etsy profile.  And why not my shop while you’re in the neighborhood?

6 thoughts on “Etsy Favs: August

  1. Aahhh you have SO many of my own favorites here! Love everything! Thank you SO much for including my geeky notecard among these little lovelies 😉 xo

    1. Katie and Amanda, Thank you so much for sharing your great products with us! I genuinely love your items! So glad you’re happy to see your products on our blog!

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