It’s a Wash

We mentioned a tiny change we recently made to the kitchen.  It definitely isn’t a drastic change, but certainly was necessary.  Until last weekend, our kitchen faucet was sad.  And ugly.

And old.  And creaky.

And leaky.

Ben and I discussed what style we wanted and needed.

  • A single hole instillation was a must.
  • Pull down style is preferred from pull out.  Wondering what the difference is?  Our old faucet is a pull out, but a pull down faucet has an arched neck, so the sprayer pulls down.
  • Brushed nickel or brushed stainless finish.  No polished chrome.
  • The sleeker the design, the better.
  • Made by Kohler, Moen or Delta.
  • The cheaper the better, without sacrificing quality.

A quick trip to Home Depot yielded great results.  We decided on the Kohler Simplice for $218.

We brought the faucet home, unpacked it, and held it in place to make sure the granite window sill didn’t stick out too far for the faucet to fit in.  A sigh of relief, the faucet just barely fit.  So, we cleared out the cabinet and Ben started installing.


Less than 30 minutes later, including a trip to the hardware store for longer screws, we had a shiny new faucet.    Oooh.

It has a sleek pull down sprayer, complete with a stop button.  Ahhh.

Sadly, it isn’t in the remodeled kitchen, but it is prettier and doesn’t leak!  Of course, we’ll use the new faucet after the remodel, too.

Do you have a long list of requirements when looking for a new faucet?  What style do you dream of?  An industrial sprayer?  Have a color preference?

4 thoughts on “It’s a Wash

  1. ah, we have the same faucet (in our current house and our last house, too!) We upgraded the faucet before we sold our last house, and were excited that the sellers of our current house had chosen the same faucet, we like it a lot.

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