Our Humble Sponsors: September

Am I the only one having trouble remembering it is September?  I started typing August.  Seriously, this year has flown by.  We wanted to stop in to say thanks to our fantastic sponsors, IHeart Organizing and Samantha Kay Jewelry.

As you already know, Jen is my blog BFF.  Jen and her hubby have created a beautiful home and we’re lucky enough to read about it on a daily basis.  I’m loving their basement remodel, including Jen’s new studio space and a new dressing room, complete with a beautifully stenciled wall.

Talk about love.  Now I’m kinda regretting having white trim in every room.  I’d love to have a wall paper-esque, interesting patterned space.

Samantha Kay Jewelry is a new Etsy shop, but chock full of beautiful accessories.  The Mary Kay Cadillac Necklace is beautiful and simple.

The Lil Jon Necklace is interesting and unique.

How about this Cinderella Necklace?  So pretty.

I really love Samantha’s interesting jewelry designs and creative names.

Two amazing sponsors, two great Etsy shops, and one blogger keep this humble blog running.  Thank you so much for your support and sharing your creative gifts with the world.

2 thoughts on “Our Humble Sponsors: September

  1. That is too bizarre that Samantha Kay is one of your sponsors. I was looking at her etsy shop about a month ago, at the exact mary Kay Pink Cadillac necklaces to get for one of my friends! I love that stenciled wall. I’ve been poring over wall paper samples lately in order to paper the little hall off of our living room that leads to our bedroom, or to have a focal point behind our wall mounted tv.

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