Etsy Favs: September

Are you ready for some Etsyyyyyyy?  Think Hank Williams Jr.’s Are You Ready for Some Football to understand my reference, you know, with the return of football and all.

We’ve got more art than anything else in the round up, starting with this Where We Meet print by Two For Joy Paper Studio.

I love the geek chic venn diagram reference.

If you’re looking for a traditional first wedding anniversary gift, or for any other occasion, check out this beautiful Photo Heart Art from Celadon Home.  Bonus, it is an entirely custom piece, ready to hang.

How cute would this Crayon’s Heart 5 by 5 print by Larry Jang Photography look in an office?  It definitely would brighten up a boring cubicle.

Amber Alexander creates such beautiful paintings, and Field Before the Storm is no exception.  I would be honored to have the talent in her pinky finger.

If you live in a metropolis, the London Underground Tube Map by Boo-Teeq should tickle your fancy.  Imagine this art piece with New York City’s subway system or Chicago’s L train.  Heck, Minneapolis’ Light Rail would be cool.

Why aren’t there more of these heart billboards?  Love is in the Air by Amy Nieto Photography.

Seventies macrame is back and better than ever as part of this Blackberry Season Macrame Bracelet created by Galit Mastai.

We can all use more love.  This Alphabet Love print by 2142 Stuart would look great framed and hanging in nearly any room.

Add a little creepiness to your house or porch this Halloween with the Skeleton Hand Pillow from Yellow Bug Boutique.  It could only be better if it glowed in the dark.  Vincent had a skeleton shirt that did that.  Totally mint.

The design, colors and textures in the Passing Shower print by Eloise Renouf just make me smile.

This Kitchen Conversions print in dark gray by Sweet Fine Day is the perfect addition to the kitchen for non bakers like myself.  Ben can recite all conversions without blinking while I struggle to remember his phrase “A pint is a pound, world round.”

No, we’re not getting remarried, but I thought this Wedding Questionnaire Adlibs by August Press could be adapted for nearly any party.  Baby shower?  Bridal shower?  Birthday party?  Why not?!

I literally laughed out loud when I saw this Wicked Witch bookmark at Honey Case.  Seriously, I’d love to have these little legs sticking out of my book to mark my page.

The intricate design of this Handmade Lantern by Sparrow & Co. took my breath away.  Look at the beautiful shadows it casts.

This Washy Washy print by Christy Elle Photography just makes me grin.  The bright color and wear of the machines is perfection.

If you’re on a tight budget, frame this $3.50 Love Story II postcard by Amelia Kay Photography for a beautiful, heartfelt print.

Wow, I can’t believe this is the first bird to enter this Etsy round-up.  Pint sized but packed with cuteness, the Mocking Bird art block by Red Tile Studio would look great on a shelf or wall.

Last up, this Vintage Owl Container Trio made by Two Chicks & a Fancy Owl is just flat-out adorable.  You can buy each item individually, too.

And more bird items.  This time, a Danish Modern Birdhouse crafted by Nathan Daniels.  What, stylish chickadees need an equally stylish home.

So, that’s what we’ve loved this past month.  What’s made it to your Etsy favorites this past month?  Have any of these items made the cut?

3 thoughts on “Etsy Favs: September

  1. wanted you to know that I picked up your incredible work of art from my framer and I cannot wait to share it with you! It looks amazing.

  2. I couldn’t stop laughing when I read that Wedding Questionnaire Adlib (by August Press). I’m getting married in October and that would be so funny to give to our guests.

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