Try Again

As I shared, my first ever fabric dye slash ombre project didn’t go as well as I imagined it would.  (Thank you so much for your tips and tricks.)  Bummer, but I don’t give up that easily. I’m Polish after all.  Wait, maybe Polocks aren’t known for stubbornness as much as ignorance.  Either way, I was determined to try it one more time.

Having learned from my mistakes, I bought two boxes of purple dye and a full-sized flat bed sheet.

I also used the main bath tub. About half way into my process, I laid a junk towel under the bucket to protect the acrylic tub.  Pretty sure a dyed bath tub would be an epic failure, even if I successfully dyed the curtain.

To keep the dye line as even as possible, I hung the sheet on the shower curtain using the existing shower curtain rings and a set of curtain clips I had in the basement. 

I slipped the curtain clips through the curtain rings because the clips were too small to fit on the shower rod.  Then, I clipped my sheet up so I wouldn’t have to touch the curtain, just the rod and clips.  I highly suggest this method.

I decided to use one half of a box to dye my first ombre layer.

I didn’t realize it until later, but I completely forgot to add salt or liquid soap.  Oops.  I did however let the sheet soak for about 20 minutes, stirring constantly with a stainless steel spatula.  With a nice, saturated color, I moved the curtain rod up about eight inches and added the second half of the box to the bucket.

After 20 or so minutes, I moved it up another eight inches and added the entire second box to the mixture to let it soak.  Before dumping the dye solution out, I dyed the ends of two white towels, just for fun.  I rinsed out the sheet and towels, but as I neared the end, Everett woke up from his nap, so I quickly rinsed out the rest and popped it into the washer for a quick clean.

Now, I had to figure out a way to hang this thing.  I started by sewing the sides to the width of our shower curtain liner.  I ironed the edges and got freaked out because the heat of the iron turned the dye pink.  After 15 seconds or so, the color did go back to normal.  So, I continued ironing and folded the edge over twice to get a clean edge and pinned.  I planned to only sew one side and the top to get my measurements.  The white thread from the sheet didn’t absorb the dye, so I was safe using white thread to hem everything.  I sewed my side first.

I considered sewing button holes to hang from, but my button-hole function didn’t want to work for me.  Plan B.  We needed a new curtain liner for our bathroom, so I cut the grommets off the old one to sew to my sheet.  I pinned right sides together so my seam would look as seamless as possible.

Then, I stitched right along the plastic edge, but not on it.

A quick pressing with the iron made a nice crisp seam.  Unfortunately, I did have dyeing issues again.  Off to rectify that situation.

So far, I’ve spent 9 dollars and 99 one hundredths of another buck on a flat bed sheet, and $5.50 for two more boxes of Rit dye, bring our total (including yesterday’s failure) to $18.24.  Not too bad considering the only other curtain I liked cost $29.99.  So, we’re still $11.75 under budget, failures and all.

How much are you willing to spend on a shower curtain?  Have you ever made one yourself?

9 thoughts on “Try Again

    1. Thanks, Lizzy. I thought about my time, but I don’t know how to put a value on that considering I’m the one keeping the product. If I did though, I would have spent more than buying the $30 one. But, I wouldn’t have the life experience or bragging rights, would I? Haha.


  1. I just dropped $49.99 on a curtain from Bed Bath & Beyond. It was a must have since I just inherited a blue tiled bathtub surround and a blue bathtub, toilet, and double sink. I needed that curtain to be so awesome that your totally didn’t notice the Smurf effect in the room.

  2. I have dyed (as opposed to died of course) many times the past several years, and hands down the BEST dye you can find is at Follow their instructions, and you will find yourself very happy with the results. Just give ’em a call, too, and they are very helpful. No more Rit dye for me! Ever.

  3. I want to try this but I am afraid of bleeding while trying to rinse the excess dye out. How exactly did you rinse out the excess and did you do so till the water ran clear? Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Tammy!

      Definitely rinse toward the bottom so any dye drips to the already dyed areas. I didn’t do this next step, but I think it would help. Hang dry it, outside if possible. It should help set the colors, then toss it in the dryer before washing it. I think it will help prevent bleeding. Hope that helps!


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