Sentimental Gallery Wall

We’ve got another gallery wall in our house, for a total of three.  Our hall gallery is filled with family photos and another is bird themed.

The most recent gallery doesn’t have a theme.  Rather, it’s filled with pretty pictures and sentimental art.  For months, we had paper templates hanging up.  Everyone asked, “What’s up with your art?”  I finally got sick of answering, and I had collected enough art to start hanging, so I did.  First, I had to decide the layout I wanted.  You see, the paper templates were completely generic papers to see if we would even like a gallery wall.

I gathered all the art in the large basement bedroom and shifted things around on the floor.  I liked the general layout, so I started transferring the pattern to the wall.

Uh, oh.  I grossly underestimated how large the wall was.

So, I rearranged my labeled templates on the wall.

The new layout filled out the wall nicely, with a few gaps to expand.  I also left room at the top to add more frames once we move the flush mount light for a pendant.

Hanging was easy because I had already marked the nail holes and labeled each template, so I knew exactly which frame went where.

And here it is now.  You can see the cast feet made it to the wall.

As I said before, I still have a few gaps to fill, like this to the right of the arrangement.

Overall, I really love the look.  Ben kinda thinks it feels cluttered.  I understand that, but I like the collected look more than one huge framed something.

What do you think?  Do you prefer one large frame or a gallery wall?  How many gallery walls do you have?  What are your favorite pendant fixtures?  How have you decorated your stair well?  It’s a tricky little area.

P.S.  We’ll be back again to share what everything is and where we got it from.

14 thoughts on “Sentimental Gallery Wall

  1. It looks wonderful! I really like how it turned out. I really wish I had more wall space so that I would have room for all these ideas I have and read about.

  2. I really love the look of a collected gallery. My Mom did this a few years back of her favorite pics and places and I still love looking at it when I visit her.

  3. Love it! I’m collecting things for a stairwell gallery right now and it’s so hard to decide on the ratio of art to family photos! Your walls look great.

  4. i really like it.
    we also have loads of different art collected over the years and this is the only way i can envisage to show it all (instead of hiding some away).
    love it!

  5. I think this is my favorite gallery wall you’ve done so far. I love the layout and the art you used. And the templates are fantastic – takes a lot of the guesswork out of it! Nice job!

  6. My husband and I would like to make a gallery wall in our home. Yours are awesome! Any advice on what to include in a gallery wall or advice on how to find things that inspire you?

    P.S. We have been very inspired by your board and batten treatments. My husband recently completed board and batten in our master bedroom. I couldn’t be happier, it looks great! Thanks!!

    1. Hi Jessica,

      Thanks for your sweet compliments! My advice for gallery walls? If you have photos you love, put those on display. I tend to make art for our house because it’s more customized and personal. If you have kids, hang some of their art projects. I also love their hands and feet. Either inked, plaster molds, whatever. You could also frame travel mementos. A plane ticket, postcard, a rock, feathers, anything. You could try to buy something small on every vacation for a travel themed arrangement.

      Also, Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration. I’ll share more about a Pinterest inspired project when we share the rest of the gallery details. But, if you see an idea you like, you can recreate it or tweak it to fit your taste. Anniversary or wedding items are great, too. You could frame your wedding invitation… I think almost anything can be made into pretty art. Don’t limit yourself to thinking art has to be expensive or store bought. Art is completely subjective, so anything that you think is pretty or want to remember is worth framing. If you decide you don’t like it down the road, you can easily change it out.

      And, I’m thrilled that you’ve been so inspired by our trim treatments! Board and batten is so easy and so pretty. I’m glad you love your new look!


  7. Really looking forward to seeing some close ups &seeing where you got all the art for your new gallery wall! I heart it!

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