A Vent Hood and a Sink Walk Into a Kitchen

They fight to be the center of attention.  After several minutes of witty banter, the vent hood is the victor.  Which means the sink is left to mope in the corner.  If only Johnny came into say, “Nobody puts sink baby in the corner.”

So what does this lame story mean?  First off, our vent hood has arrived and it’s pretty.  Strike that, the under side is pretty.  Secondly, a little info on why our sink will remain off-centered.

Let’s discuss the range hood first.  When we open up the wall between the kitchen and living room, we’ll have roughly a nine foot wide by three-foot tall opening.  To keep the stove side of the kitchen as island-y (no, not tropical pineapple island-y) feeling as possible, we wanted a low profile range hood.  So, we couldn’t go with anything that hung low, like this.

So, Ben scoured the internet for a high CFM range hood insert with integrated lights.  We decided this 40 inch insert was best for us.  The low price was a bonus.  Now, I know $800 doesn’t seem like a low price, but we expected to pay about one dollar per CFM, or 1200 bucks.  Ben called to place the order and the kind gentleman on the other end offered Ben 10% off with free shipping.  Score!  So we saved 80 bucks for a total of $719.95.  About a week later, the FedEx man delivered a giant box.

Of course, Ben unpacked it right away, and plugged it in to make sure it worked.  Man, did it work.  And here it is.

Yeah, we know it’s not pretty, but we’ll build a frame around it and add trim for a more custom, less vent hood look.  Kinda like this one.

So all of that ugliness will be covered.

But from below, you’ll see this.

Not quite because the hood also came with six dishwasher safe baffles, so it will look more like this.

Now we’ve got our own little kitchen supply store in the basement, complete with a few hundred square feet of wood flooring and a vent hood.

All we need is the kitchen sink.  Oh wait, we’ve got that, too!

Now, here’s the low down on the off centered kitchen sink situation.  Currently, our kitchen sink isn’t centered on the window.  To the right of the sink, we have a dishwasher, then our refrigerator.

We plan to move the trash to the left of the sink.

Because we’re turning the drawers on either side of the stove into one large bay of drawers, we can’t keep the trash in it’s current location.  Here’s what it would look like to center the sink on the window.

Better, right?  Let’s get a closer look, though.

No, even closer.

We’d be stuck with a nine-inch cabinet, the same size as our current one, to the left of the sink.  One thing that Ben and I don’t like is that cabinet.  It’s pretty useless.  We only have so many cutting boards and cookie sheets.  What’s worse is the right side of the centered sink.

We’d have a really narrow six-inch cabinet.  If we don’t like the nine-inch, you can bet we’re not going to like the six-inch.  (Avoid the “That’s what she said” joke on that please.)  Because Ben is using 3/4 inch plywood to build the cabinet frames, you’re actually left with an interior of 4.5 inches.  Umm, no thanks.  As much as I’d like to put design over function, I just can’t do it in such a small kitchen.  Especially because we’re removing most of our upper cabinetry.  And because Ben has already built the cabinets.

That’s the dealio.  I guess neither the range hood or sink will be the center of attention in the kitchen.  What will?  You’ll just have to wait to see.

Now I’m wondering what you hate (or hated if you’re replaced it) the most about your kitchen?  Do you prefer for the range hood to take center stage in kitchens?  Perhaps the stove?

9 thoughts on “A Vent Hood and a Sink Walk Into a Kitchen

  1. Have you thought about making some slide out drawers for spices or canned goods on either side of your sink base? That might be a smart way to center your sink and use all available space.

  2. Okay so I know absolutely nothing about designing cabinets so I don’t even know if this would work but, that said, What if instead of small cabinets on the left and right as well as a centered one they were combined into a larger cabinet? Even though it’s a sink cabinet it can still have some storage shelves inside so maybe it could work.

    Or, like Leigh said, you could put drawers on the 9 inch side and move your small cutting board/cookie sheet collection to the 6 inch cupboard that might be a better fit (since you don’t have many of them)

  3. You asked what we hate most about our kitchen. I have open pantry shelves floor to soffit next to my refrigerator. They are black laminate bookshelves that fit the space perfectly and allow me to remove shelves to store the dog and cat food storage containers. Anyway I have to dust the shelves every couple of weeks. You can also see when cans get a little dusty on top, so they get dusted and arranged in a pleasing manner too. You can see pictures here: http://blackkatsdesign.blogspot.com/2010/08/sometimes-its-small-things.html

    I can’t wait to see how your kitchen comes together.

  4. I live in an apt, and I hate pretty much everything about my kitchen! The grimy cream tiles with brown grout (that no matter how much I scrub, always look GRIMY), the horrible laminate countertops that I am convinced were the absolute CHEAPEST they could find, the wallpapered backsplash (!!) and the dated appliances. Ok, so its not QUITE as horrible as I’m making it out, the apartments were built about 30 years ago, but they were mostly remodeled about 10 years ago. And its a really nice neighborhood. But once I get an idea in my head, its all I can see lol. I’m going to go on a crazed painting spree one day and paint all the cabinets and see if my landlord gets pissed! Good thing my mother-in-law is the office manager!

    1. Hi Courtney,

      Haha, let me know how the cabinet painting goes. 🙂 Hopefully your MIL can save you if your landlord doesn’t like it.


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