Gallery Wall Details

Wanna know where we got everything for our most recent gallery wall?   Good, because we’re ready to spill the beans.  Let’s start from the top and work our way over.

I made the Love print inspired by a tattoo I saw on Pinterest.  Below that is a super special original watercolor painting of our house by Patricia of PVE Design.  She was gracious enough to trade artwork with me.  I’ll share what I made for her soon, too.  Then, we have the plaster feet in shadow boxes.  The little heart on the left is actually Ben and my fingerprints, again inspired by Pinterest.

See that house?  That is what our humble rancher looked like just after being built.  We’re the second people to own this house.   The original owners left some old pictures for us.  Below that is a picture of Ben and his dad on our wedding day.  The pointing finger came from Hobby Lobby; originally 10 bucks, but 50% off.

The large picture in the middle is a print of a  painting of my home town.  Ben’s grandma gave it to us.  Ben and all of his brothers are in the black and white photo.  The bird is a painting I made.  You can buy a print in our Etsy shop.  A B monogram which also came from Hobby Lobby.  Under the monogram, the paintings the boys made Ben for Father’s day.

But what’s that by the pointing finger?  Penny art.  I saw a penny key chain on Pinterest and decided to adapt it to make framed art.  I simply found pennies for the years Ben, myself, Vincent and Everett were born and when we met and got married.  Using Photoshop, I typed each event and the date.  For example: Ben, October 24.  Yep, happy 29th birthday to my handsome and handy hubby.  Several layers of double-sided tape hold everything in place.  The tree print is actually a card that came with this print from Eloise Renouf.  I still have to find the right frame for the Passing Showers print.

I added the I Carry Your Heart cut out to the group.  Above that is a painting I made based on a Home Goods painting I saw on my last trip.  My sister painted the rainbow piece.  To the right is a print from Love Life.  I made the fingerprint art inspired by Lori Danielle’s beautiful work.

And rounding out the bottom is a painting I made based on Jen’s streak paintings.  I saw the Successful Marriage quote and thought it would be a perfect reminder to love the one you’re with.  The floral card was part of our guest book at our wedding.

We still have more art to add, but we’re really happy with it so far.

Now we’re off to celebrate Ben’s birthday.  What are you up to this Monday?

15 thoughts on “Gallery Wall Details

  1. Love your gallery walls! They inspired me to put one up in my house this weekend and though it’s more of a formal gallery wall (formal photographs mostly) it’s a gallery wall and all thanks to you. My husband even complimented on my work!

  2. Any chance you will be selling a version of the Love print? I’ve been looking for one on etsy with no luck.

    1. Hi Catie, I’m so happy you’ve been inspired by our gallery walls. 🙂 Yours sounds fantastic! I’d love to see pictures if you have a chance.

      Kristen, Thanks so much!! 🙂

      Stephanie, I might start selling something similar soon. I have some tweaking I’d like to do. I’ll let you know if it goes up. 🙂

      Amber, Happy birthday to your hubby, too!

  3. I love this gallery wall. I have one in a hallway with our engagement photos and wedding photos already, but plan on making another one for our staircase and “borrowing” a couple of your ideas. In fact, I pinned a couple – the footprints and the fingerprints.

  4. Great post! Last week, I asked a question about inspiration and you gave some great ideas. One more quick question… where do you find all the frames? You do a great job of finding different shapes and sizes AND they are all the same color. Do paint them? Do you buy them little by little or just grab a bunch at once? Thanks!

    – Jessica

    1. Hi Jessica,

      I’m glad you found some ideas! I buy frames where ever I can get them for cheap. So, if I see some at a thrift store that I like the shape, size and detail of, I’ll but it and give it a coat of glossy white spray paint. I’ll do the same thing at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. If it’s a good deal, I’ll buy several. It just depends on what I find. But spray paint is the quickest and easiest cure. And you can use frames you already have. Hope it helps!

  5. Happy birthday Ben! I hope this means he gets a day off from kitchen building.

    Actually, who am I kidding, no I don’t! I’m selfish and I wanna see how it’s coming along!

    Great work on the gallery wall, by the way.

    1. Aww, thanks Danielle! To make the fingerprints I stamped their finger onto paper and scanned the image in. Using Photoshop I enlarged it, printed it to plain paper and used it as a template over cardstock to cut it out.


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