Pinteresting Kitchen Love

Kitchen work resumes today with electrical.  Then we’ll try to install cabinets and get our kitchen sink back.  Before we started tearing apart our kitchen, I had trolled Pinterest for kitchen inspiration.  Some ideas we’ve already had, but it’s nice to see it in action, like this corner cabinet, extended to the counter.

And all drawers for the lower cabinets.  I love the glass storage containers, too.

Who was the genius that decided to cut a hole in a cutting board over the garbage can?  Seriously, that’s better than sliced bread.  I wouldn’t make the cutting board a drawer or have the hole centered, but it’s something to think about.

Another brilliant idea, toe kick drawers for thin items like cookie sheets and muffin tins.  Not an inch of wasted space.  But do the drawers drag on the floor?

Disguise a pull out spice rack behind a decorative pillar.

I’m a total sucker for built in dividers, and this knife block/spice rack/utensil storage is no exception.  I hope to do something similar.

I would never have thought to add nail head trim to the edge of a cabinet, but I really like the look.

Always losing measuring spoons and cups?  Well, I don’t, because I don’t bake, but this is a great option.

This idea really rocks my socks.

Why?  We’re going to lose a lot of our upper cabinet storage when we renovate the kitchen, which means I’ll also lose my spice cabinet.  Hopefully we’ll have enough room in a drawer for spices.  The chalk board labeled tops is a great touch.

Again, I hope we can figure out a way to re-create this under counter pantry.

Helllllloooo organization.  How I love thee.

I can’t wait to have pretty, glass fronted cabinets and paint the inside a poppy color.  I mean really, what’s not to love?!

This is a pretty flush mount our stainless apron front sink.

Hopefully we’ll have a few fun “Why didn’t I think of that!” ideas to share down the road.  Kitchen work resumes today with electrical.  Then we’ll try to install cabinets and get our kitchen sink back.

Are you inspired by any of these ideas?  Did you find any as mind blowing as I did?

11 thoughts on “Pinteresting Kitchen Love

  1. Even though the pullout spice rack looks great, I’ve heard that it’s not a great idea to keep spices so close to the oven.
    Oh and those toe kick drawers? Ikea sells them! I’ve always wondered about the floor scratching too, though.

  2. Sometimes I don’t know if Pinterest is a blessing or a curse… there are so so many good ideas it’s hard to focus! LOL

    Something like those pull out drawers with the column fronts is what I was thinking for your sink area so you could center it.

    I love the chalk lid spice jars. I think I’m going to steal that idea.

    It seems like your reno is moving along pretty quickly. When do you estimate it will be finished?

  3. Love painting the inside of cabinets a fun color!

    I {sadly} do not have it in the budget for glass front cabinets, but we still went ahead and painted the inside of our cabinets a bright aqua color. I can’t wait to show off the finished product. They are the cabinets original to the house, so we wanted to jazz them up a bit with some paint, both inside and out!

    I can’t wait to see what ideas you use in your new kitchen!

    1. Hi Anihoavega, Really? I didn’t know that! That’s awesome. We considered it, but I think we’ll have enough storage without the toe kick drawers.

      Hello Esther, Isn’t that fantastic?!? I love that you know exactly what it is but you can easily change the labels.

      Hi Karen! I know, Pinterest kinda makes my ADD worse. Haha. The only odd thing about the spice pull outs is that they’d be next to the sink, not the stove. And we’d still have to find a place to put the trash. The only floor space to have a stand alone trash can is to the right of the fridge, and that would literally be the first thing you see when you walk in the front door. Not quite the warm welcome we’re looking for. 😉 I have no real clue when we’ll finish. I’m trying not to get a set date in my mind because there are so many things that can change a schedule. Ben would most certainly want to kill me if I pushed him to get things done by a certain date. I can be really persistent and annoying like that. Haha. I’m thinking sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas, though.

      Gabbi, I love the poppy color inside. I don’t know what your cabinets look like, but would it be possible to cut out the center of an upper cabinet or two and add glass? Just a thought…


  4. Amanda,

    Ana White has a plan ( for using the toe kick of a bathroom vanity as a step stool. You could easily modify it to work for toe kick drawers. Somoen in the comments suggesting using castes to protect the floor. Alternatively, you could do some felt on the part of the drawer that hits the floor.

    Your progress so far looks great!

    1. Merideth, Thanks for the link! We thought about it, but then decided it would be a lot of work for very little usable space. We should gain more usable space in the cabinets we’ll have left, so we’ll have new places to stow baking sheets and such. Thanks for your encouragement!


  5. I love the idea of those slender pull-out spice racks! that seems like a great solution to your wonky spaces by the sink. I’ve seen then used for canned goods, too.

  6. I love Pinterest!! If you have a lot of counter space having a cabinet all the way down to the counter is great! I love that spice drawer with the chalkboard paint container lids. The pull-out spice drawer hidden behind a column is also a great idea but NOT next to your stove/oven!
    The heat will ruin your spices!

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