Gimme a Giveaway: Celadon Home

This giveaway is no longer accepting entries.  See who won here.

It’s no secret we’re huge fans of personalized, pretty, and affordable art.  Raise your hand if you are, too.  Oh, good.  Then you’ll love this weeks giveaway courtesy of Celadon Home.

Michelle, the creative genius, designs 12 inch square wall panels using hearts cut from assorted paper media.  This includes books:


Sheet music:

Wedding Vows:

A drawing:

Love letters:

Or your photos:

Getting married soon?  Michelle also offers a custom guest book alternative.

Several hearts are also customized with names, dates, and initials, suited perfectly for any occasion.  The result is a completely one-of-a-kind show stopping piece everyone will ask about.  And now you’re asking, “How do I get my hands on one?”  Here’s how:

The Goods: One original, signed 12 inch art square, personalized to your taste.  A $49.99 value!

To Enter:   We ask that you please subscribe to Our Humble A{Bowe}d.  If you don’t want to receive e-mail notifications, that’s fine.  Let us know if you follow us through Google Reader or another form and it will also count.  To subscribe, click the “Sign Me Up!” button under “Be the first to know.”  Once you’ve subscribed, leave a comment, which can (but doesn’t have to) include our Just for Fun question.

Just for Fun: Tell us how you make a house your home.  Splash a little color on the walls?  Hang things up?  Organize your little heart out?  Nothing but move stuff in?

For additional entries:

1. Add Celadon Home to your Etsy favs, come back and leave a comment telling us what your favorite item is.

Contest Closes: Thursday, November 3rd at 11:59 pm, central time.

Number of Winners: One!

Ships: Anywhere in the U.S.

Other Info: We will select the winner using and announce on Friday, November 4th .  Good luck!!

All  images found via the featured Etsy seller’s listing as linked above.


64 thoughts on “Gimme a Giveaway: Celadon Home

  1. This is such a great prize! Thanks for offering it. I just came across your blog recently. I Signed up, but I also follow on my Google Reader. Found you through Sherri’s Pinterest Challenge.
    I painted one wall in my house, just the livingroom wall with 3 windows in it. It’s not too much color, but the rich brown on the small area of wall really livens up the room to feel cozy and very welcoming.

  2. Love these cute personalized pieces of art!

    I make my house (apartment) a home the same way you seem to…with little personal touches, mostly things I make! Since I can’t paint in my apartment, I bring life into my rooms with framed photos and pieces of art that I’ve made. I was an art minor in college, so I have plenty of pieces in my portfolio to add personal/cheap art to my home!

  3. I follow!

    And thanks for such a great giveaway! I love that kind of work and was half tempted to try to make something like it myself. Winning would be so much better!

  4. I just love this prize, I have been a member of your blog for a couple of months, I love color in my house, I tend to add color with curtains, and pillows.

  5. Great giveaway! We’re coming up on an anniversary, so that would be a great gift. I personalize my home with quilts. I have them everywhere – on the wall, on hangers, on the back of chairs, and of course, on beds. I love the feedback I get when I have company. We had a realtor tell us that they made the house feel warm and cozy and would help sell our house!

    I’m on Google.

  6. I’ve added Celadon Home to my Etsy Faves. My favorite thing is the Personalized Guest Book…what a cool idea for a wedding!

  7. I’m still working on making my house a “home” – that’s why I love blogs, they give me great ideas! The biggest factor so far is adding our own colors and family photos to the walls.

  8. I love this giveaway. CeladonHome was already a favorite after I saw some art on Pinterest. Since I’m still a renter, the way that I make my house a home is to inject as much of our family’s personality into the space as possible, so it’s not just a place we live in. This is through our art, furniture, decorations (especially for the holidays!), etc.

  9. I subscribe via google reader! We’ve been in our house for 13 years and have learned that it’s a continual process of making our house a home.

  10. I follow! I have a degree in fine arts (and an intense love of crafting)…so I make my townhouse my home by creating tons of cheap art and hanging even more of family photos.

  11. I follow! I make my house a home with a wide variety of painting and art/picture placement………………though the pile of half-finished projects is getting bigger by the week!

  12. Clean lines, pops of color, and fuctional fun – these are a few of my favorite “home sweet home” things.

    P.S. I adore your home! I always find it so motivating and inspirational to see how others use their creativity to make their house a home 🙂

  13. I added CeladonHome to my favorites on Etsy! I’m not musical (at ALL!) but I lovvve the one with sheet music. Soooo pretty.

  14. Subscribed! 🙂
    I’m still working on making our house a home, but I loved your kitchen organization ideas from your pinterest post! We’re also going to hang some art this weekend!

  15. Great giveaway! I’ve been making a lot of Pinterest inspired decor for my home lately to try and give it a more personalized feel.

  16. Oh I love this! I’m subscribed, but I use Google Reader most of the time.

    I think my house became my home when I started working on the DIY projects that it so desperately needed. For instance, when I look at my floors that my husband and I installed or the paint color that we both fell in love with, I get that “at home” feeling.

  17. I currently receive a subscription though emails. To make a house feel like a home, I add color and add pictures or art on the wall. The sadest thing about my house is that it is suprisingly open, considering it was built in 1960, and has tons of huge windows (but not much wall space).

  18. I follow via Google Reader. Love this giveaway! I want to order one for my bf for his birthday. We’re moving in together a week after his big day, so it would be a great piece for our first home together 🙂

    I also love the alternative wedding guest book in their Etsy shop. What a cool idea! I favorited them too.

  19. Love this artwork! I’m a Google Reader subscriber. I make a house a home by trying to make sure everything is comfortable and cozy…lots of soft fabrics, and nothing that’s too precious and breakable. No one wants to live in a showroom.

  20. I subscribe! And I make my house feel like a home by putting things on the fridge. We’ve moved several times, and I know we’re “settled” once there’s an invitation or photo or two on the refrigerator!

  21. I follow you in Google Reader. Adding art to our walls (particularly family photos) really makes our house feel like home.

  22. I just found your blog yesterday and LOVE it! I feel so inspired to personalize our home even more. Thank you!

    One way we make it feel like home is by displaying photos. Photographs are my most prized possession as they are our life’s memories.

  23. Those are so pretty.

    I usually make a house my own by repainting and redecorating. It is hard though because I have never owned a house… only rent. So there is really so much I can do…. I have never really felt like the house is “mine”. Right now it is even harder because the house we are renting is my parents house… the one I grew up in. So I feel like I have to keep everything the same from when I was a child. I can’t wait until I am out of school (going to be a teacher) and then actually be able to purchase or build my first house.

  24. Subscribed! I’m making our starter-house a home by figuring out our decorating style as a couple… it’s taking a while to get into the right niche, but we’re getting there! And it’s so fun.

  25. I’ve added Celadon Home to my Etsy Favs – I love the personalized touches in the art. I would love to have something that would incorporate my family of four in a work of art!

    I am still working on making our house a home. For a ‘decorating challenged’ person it takes me more time, but I am gathering inspiration little by little!

  26. I favorites Celadon Home on etsy! My fave item is the book pages with personalized text hearts….but I also love the idea of using photos too!

  27. I already subscribe via email!
    To make a house a home we usually start hanging things on the walls. Then once we get a little further down the line we may purchase something bigger that fits in the new space (buy probably would not have in the old one). Once we get to that point things start to feel more like our own.

  28. I added the shop to my favorites. I love the wedding vows piece. This would be perfect as we just got married 6 months ago today!

  29. I subscribe in Google Reader.

    One of the things I do to make my house a home is by bringing back a fun watercolor print from places we vacation in!

  30. I use personal touches to make my house a home. My gallery wall is my daughters artwork. A little witch that I adore sits on our wood stove (for a touch of whimsy?), and my artwork is all over the walls. We also use blankets and colors to make everything cozy!

  31. I added Celadon Home to my favorites on Etsy. love the Wedding or Anniversary gift of Art made from your WEDDING PHOTO! My anniversary is 11/22 so this would be a great present and good start to our photo/memory wall i’ve been dreaming of.

  32. I just subscribed!

    I make a house a home by painting- I hate white from over 30 years of renting. There is only 1 room with white walls and it’s the kitchen because it’s too difficult to paint.

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