Feeling Hot Hot Hot

This past Friday we, er Ben, installed the kitchen sink and adjoining cabinets.  Then he called it a night.   First order of business on Saturday: install the stove cabinets and range.  So, Ben hauled out our old clunker and brought in the box with the shiny new stove.  We carefully unwrapped the packaging to discover this:

Yep, a dent on the right side.  Fortunately, this will be hidden behind the cabinet.  Speaking of cabinets, here’s the new beauty sandwiched between two drawer large bays.

Isn’t she pretty?!?  I love the sleek stainless, the industrial style handles, and the huge top.  But installing this baby wasn’t a snap.  The old gas line came out of the floor right behind the left back leg, so the range couldn’t tuck tightly against the wall.  And we encountered another issue because we’re planning on two-inch thick countertops.  Our counters will make the cabinets 1 inch taller than average counters.  The adjustable range legs only go up to one inch.

As a temporary solution until we install the counters, Ben placed the range on wooden blocks.  After the counters are installed, we’ll search out a better solution.  We’re thinking of buying furniture legs for a less trashy custom look.  But we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

Now let me brag a little.  First, I love the front left burner.  It’s three-tiered and gigantic.  And the grates cover the entire top to maximize the space.  Oh, and if we ever want to get fancy, we can flip the grate insert for easy wok cooking.  But, the best part is something I didn’t even know about.  Smarties at KitchenAid designed the range to sit just above the counters for a seamless surface.

No more junk falling down the crack.  Wait, that sounded bad.

And here’s what everything looks like right now from the back door.

We’ve got cabinets, but only one drawer installed so far.  But, everything is functional, so we’re a okay.  Now I’m itching to get the rest of the drawers in so I can get everything out of the guest bedroom and start organizing.  Nerd alert.

We’re chugging along, but we still have so much to do.  How about a list to show what’s left to do:

  • Install the new dishwasher, which we’re hoping to get on Thursday
  • Sand the ceiling and walls smooth
  • Build the five remaining drawers we’ve waited on (we needed to see how things were in place before we could build one drawer in the dining room, the trash can pull out, and the under the sink drawer)
  • Fill, sand, prime and paint said drawers
  • Install every drawer, 16 total
  • Buy the wood for the counters which should be in tomorrow
  • Haul the wood slabs to a cabinet shop to have them sand both sides smooth
  • Cut the wood to fit and install the counters
  • Hang the upper cabinets
  • Add decorative face trim to all cabinets for a smooth, pretty, even front
  • Fill, sand, prime, and paint all cabinet faces
  • Build the drawer and cabinet fronts, including two glass front doors
  • More filling, sanding, priming, and painting of the cabinet fronts
  • Install the drawer fronts and hardware pulls
  • Prime and paint the kitchen and living room.  Probably the dining room too.
  • Add lights: sconces, recessed light halos, and the rope lighting
  • Trim out the posts and door frames
  • Add crown molding to the top of the cabinets
  • Decide whether we want to add decorative trim to the vent hood or paint it to match the wall color
  • Install the pretty new marble tile backsplash
  • Put everything back in place and enjoy

Miss a step in our renovation progress?  Read through these posts to get up to date.  

In addition to the kitchen updates, we thought we’d share our Halloween fun.  How ’bout a peek at our pumpkins first?

The eye on this guy popped out while carving, so we made it look intentional with some pumpkin guts hanging out.  Kinda looks like a pig in Angry Birds, no?

He’s just happy.

And this guy’s up to no good.

While we went Trick-or-Treating, Ben was busy installing a few drawers.  We’ll share as we finish more.

10 thoughts on “Feeling Hot Hot Hot

  1. Ugh, I am so incredibly jealous of your kitchen DIY skills! If you’re ever feeling the urge to come out to Los Angeles to renovate a sad little mis-matched 1930’s-era kitchen, by all means give me a call! Between you and YHL, I’m feeling mega kitchen envy…

    1. Hi Julie, I’ll definitely keep you post on our LA kitchen reno trips. 😉 That would be such a fun job. If only… Just see it as inspiration.


  2. Looking good! I’m glad you didn’t have to deal with returned your range and that you could just hide the dent with the cabinets! That would have been such a pain!

  3. I hope you got a discount on that dent! Things never are easy but at least the dent is hidden. We have the Bertazzoni oven and I love the chunky stainless steel metal legs. Maybe you can find some like that on line?
    Your trick or treaters are good sports! (you are two!)

  4. The reno is looking great so far. I’m excited to see your progress over the next few weeks/months. My mom has the exact same Kitchen Aid stove and LOVES it. She cooks a lot and put a lot of time into researching when she was on the hunt for a stove. I hope you’ll love it as well.

  5. I’ve never commented, but I read a lot and am really enjoying the kitchen progress. Your kids are TOO cute. I love the stop light costume so much!

  6. I love it! One added bonus for having the stove higher is that you’ll be able to get your hardwood mop under there! I HATE that I can’t easily get mine under! As for the legs, what about getting some stainless tubing and sitting the leg inside of it, while it’s still balanced on the wood for stability? It’s a beauty, and hopefully, you got a little credit back for it being dented?

    1. Hi Cassie, That’s great news! We did a lot of research too so I hope that we love it. I’m sure we will. Anything is a step up from our old range. Haha.

      Katie, Thanks for the compliment on the kitchen! Of course we’re biased about both the kitchen and the kids, but we think they’re great. 🙂 I love that V chose a stop light. So much cooler than something everyone is.

      Hi SallyHP, Ya know what? I don’t hate that it’s taller for that exact reason. Though it is strange because it’s two inches taller than our old range and I’m a shorty. And we still have to talk to Sears to see if we can get a credit for the dent. We’ll let you know how it goes. 🙂


  7. Hello,

    They sell adjustable legs for your situation at Graingers,


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