Tag, You’re It: Free Printables

Wrapping gifts still?  We’ve got a tag printable for you!  You can choose from a sheet of feathers:

Or a nature themed variety:

Of course, you could always use our template from last year.

6 thoughts on “Tag, You’re It: Free Printables

    1. Hi Kimberly,

      I’m glad you love the tags! It was wonderful meeting you yesterday, too! I’m already looking into my book. Can’t wait to see your headband holder. 🙂


  1. I love the tags! I just printed them out, but the polar bears didn’t show up on the paper because they’re white 😦 The other ones are super cute though! Thanks

    1. Hey Erica,

      I’m glad you love the tags! The polar bears should be a light gray, sorry they didn’t work for you. 😦 Glad you’ve got the others though!

      Happy Holidays!

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