Meet and Greet Recap

Last week, my blog BFF Jen and I invited you, our readers, to join us for our first blogger meet and greet.  I’ll admit, we feared we’d be alone at Goodwill, but several people actually showed up and we have pictures to prove it.  And you know we love to share What Not to Buy, so we each chose the ugliest item we could find to pose with.

It was so much fun to meet readers and chat.  In fact, we did more chatting than shopping.  Thank you so much ladies for coming out to meet with us.  Goodwill was a hit and because everyone had something to take home, we offered a Goodwill Challenge and you can get involved, too.  Simply transform a thrift store buy and add your link to our Trash to Treasure link party on Monday, January 23rd.

I plan to make over a hard cover book.  Any guesses what I’m up to?  Jen is planning to give this holiday tray a face lift, too.

And, to the ladies brave enough to join our insanity, we’d love to hear what you thought and welcome your suggestions.  Either send us an e-mail or post right here in the comments.

We’re also sharing our favorite things over at Design Build Love.


5 thoughts on “Meet and Greet Recap

  1. I like that pear in the picture…HAHA. I do love pears though. It would look awesome spray painted white! (I have a white one very similar to it from Z Gallerie!)

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