Love{ly} Sale and a Freebie!

The other night, while lying in bed, I had an idea.  In honor of Valentine’s day, let’s kick February off with a sale.  So, that’s what I’m doing.  Today, eight by 10 inch Love Heart and I Love You This Much prints are only 5 bucks!

But there is a catch.  Tomorrow’s price is $6, Friday they’ll cost $7 and so on until the price is back at the original $15 price.  So hurry to get your customized prints.

But wait!  There’s more!  Carved Initial cut outs, both Birch and Oak are also on sale.

Only $30 for a custom cut out today.  Just like the prints, we’ll be raising the prices by two dollars per day until we’re back at the original 50 dollar price.

Because I don’t want this to seem too much like a sales pitch, here’s a little freebie, available for download now through Valentine’s Day.  After that, we’ll add this print option to our shop.


Hot Pink:


Oh, don’t forget last year’s free prints.  All You Need is Love and several mushy prints.

How’s that for showing some love?  Now show us some love and get to downloading and shopping.  Please?  With a cherry on top?

8 thoughts on “Love{ly} Sale and a Freebie!

  1. I would love to order the the birch initials cutout, but I am not sure how to go about getting the discounted price.

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